May 24, 2019

Actions Speaks Louder

On the planet not one individual would dare to offend some ideology groups. Everyone has been made to learn a lesson that such an act would lead to loss of head over shoulder. The followers of extremist ideologies have demonstrated time and again that they would go to any extent to show the power they have to protect items that matter to them. The world has now accepted that they cannot win and are making peace bargains by talking to terrorists and other intoleranta nd anti-human ideologues.

 With each passing day, the number of items that are not permitted by the anti-human ideologies is only increasing. The economic terrorism starting from specific foods to the blackening of the visual landscape of humans has morphed the society beyond imagination. All this while a class of musicians is singing carols in the hope that their gravy train will continue to bring tasty dishes while they lead the society to the Holy Hell called Secularism.

You donot need billion dollar budget to keep a society safe but strong will and timely actions suffice to uproot the enemy. When the enemy is strong in every possible way, then it becomes even more necessary to drill the facts of the war to every single citizen of the nation. The fight of anti-human ideologies is funded by Indians, Chinese, the GCC and a host of other groups for reasons such as religious and economic. Every group on the planet has a right to follow the path of their choice and there is no right way or the wrong way.

It is for the people of India to decide their way and stick to it no matter what. Whether we keep fighting the injustice of Ekalaya as stated by some terrorist sympathizer politician or should we fight the real anti-human ideologies that are attacking us, is not a option available to Indians. A large section of Indians do not realize that the fight against the India is because of its Hindu character and will intensify with election season looming over the horizon. Many groups want a change of government. A weak and pliant government would speed up the destruction of the Hindu character of India without a squeal by the alleged Hindu leadership.

Three incidents tell us that we are going downhill towards the self destruction and there seems to be no stopping:

  1. i) The murder of Ramalingam for stopping the conversion mafia and the government of the day did not find it important to take the people to task. All the alleged Hindu leadership remained mum because Secularism in Danger. The Banana Judiciary which is worried about the denial of a SC woman into the temple is not bothered about the murder of a citizen over the conversion issues because the Banana Judiciary that conversion is the right of people more important the right to life.
  2. ii) The cultural terrorism in Sabarimala aided and abetted by the Communist government while the whole nation watched the drama in silence is an act of the true jealous god. The leadership remained silent while the devotees were harassed by the state to please the Christian conversion mafia. Political leadership failed but they would not make second thoughts about making more laws to appease the fundamentalists and giving more money through special ministries in the hope that there will be peace.

iii) That radical Christian conversion agent who was killed by Sentinelese tribes is an act of war by the Vatican and the Hindu leadership nor the Indian political leadership showed no reaction. The hyper active Banana Judiciary which would ban every item under the sun for the sake of the nature has remained a mute spectator and the governments too did not seem to be interested in knowing how that radical Christian went to that island in the first place.

If the governments were failing the citizens in the earlier times, it is no different this time. But now we have a leader who has the right intent but the Banana Judiciary has been trying to halt every work of the government that would improve our resolve to fight our enemies. The people planning assassination of our PM are given House arrests while person making a satire video is locked up in jail for his own safety. The intolerance of the Banana Judiciary in not hearing the views of Hindus in any matter has emboldened the anti-human ideologies to do what they would at best in the interests of their gods.

Whatever actions the government plans, it is high time to get the approval of the Banana Judiciary and give them a sealed cover regarding the plan of action. Else the perennial PILer may file a case to harass the government for taking action. Midnight doors are opened for terrorists, FIRs are written against the soldiers, Pellet Guns are banned in special places while people are shot at with real bullets in ordinary places, crackers are banned, loud speaker ban is not implemented but some other pronouncements are implemented with zeal. Cowards infront of the bullies but bullies with the upholders of the constitution. The alleged defenders of democracy must sit upright and think if they are reason for the increasing lawlessness in the society and in special parts of the country.

An issue related to 70 year land is sending shivers in the Banana Judiciary but the issue of centuries old temples joke. Actions of Banana Judiciary speak Louder than the Words of Politicians who have to face the public. Good deeds of good politicians are drowned by the immaturity of the special Bananas.

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