April 24, 2019

Advent of New India

Whether we are a ‘New India’ or not , we for sure are not the ‘Old India’ anymore .

The Ruling party may gloat and the Opposition may snigger but the truth is there for all to see . Well , the quantum as perceived by one may wary with the perception of others , but there can be no denying the fact that India is on the ascendent .

Isn’t it a fact that the World looks up to us to rise and claim our rightful place at the high table of powerful global Nations ? Gone are the days when we had to beg to be recognised , today the elite few beseech us to assume a bigger role .

Young and old & the rich and poor talk of Growth, Inflation and GDP . Gone are the days when ‘Garibi Hatao’ caught the imagination of the masses . The days when magical Politicians used to make an appearance every 5 years waving their wand , weaving dreams , promising paradise and making hope evoking noises , and ‘poof’ vanishing into thin air . Aren’t they a thing of the past , hasn’t accountability finally gained precedence over perennial hogwash ?

Hinduism in Hindustan swore to remain Secular . But , gone are the days when Hinduism remained subservient to a form of Secularism that practitioners for decades distorted the ethos of Secularism to drive their vested political agenda .

Much to the consternation of the pseudos , hasn’t Hinduism stepped out of the shadow of a grotesquely deformed Secularism ?

Cleanliness is next to godliness . The land of ‘Rangoli’ has always be a sticker to cleanliness , the culture here also demands ‘Swachata’ , but the problem with us is we restrict our tidiness to just out homes and don’t bother to enforce ‘Swachata’ in our immediate neighbourhood . But , gone are the days when we kept out home clean but littered the country with tons of trash . Hasn’t awareness dawned on us ?

With an aggressor on the Western front  and an aggressive intent on the north and northwestern fronts the armed forces had their task cutout defending the sovereignty of the Nation . But , gone are the days when defence modernisation remained in cold storage despite the sabre rattling neighbours . Hasn’t the ghost of Bofors been exorcised to reequip the Forces with cutting edge technology cutting out the middle men ?

Roads , it’s said , bring us closer to our loved once . Gone are the days when a long drive meant jarred bodies, tired minds and clonked vehicles .

Similarly , the metamorphosis of Rail and Air travel has shrunk distances substantially .

Maybe , a lot still needs to be done but hasn’t travel graduated from  ‘unpleasant’ to ‘pleasant’ ?

Strides in Space , Software , Telecom , Manufacturing , Power speak volumes of the progress made . Gone are the days of policy paralysis and myopic governance that saw the world gallop past us leaving us gasping and struggling . Hasn’t Gandhiji’s vision of ‘Be Indian , Buy Indian’ become a reality with ‘Make in India’ ?

End word:

Adversaries challenge us to perform , they compel us to excel , and they motivate us to deliver . It’s their job to be critical . They are empowered to point out every mistake we commit , and it’s expected of them to be a watchful shadow that cannot be wished away just because we don’t like it .

When commitment motivates a Leader , when sincerity is the virtue of a Leader and when Nation is paramount in the conscience of a Leader , the critical voices with wisdom guide him , and the INSANELY CRITICAL VOICES DO NOT BOTHER HIM .


Picture Credit: YouTube DoorDarshan


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