May 24, 2019

Agneepath Agneepath Agneepath

Vijay ….. Vijay Deenath Chauhan Poora Naam agneepath_101115120632

Aaj apna Maut ke saath appointment hai. Aye Inspector Kyaa English bolta hai apun kyaa

How was Rahul Gandhi behaving in the police station? Seated on the chair and questioning the Police on duty.

I can imagine the fear of the policeman. Poor chap what does he do? Only thing on his mind would be if I say something to him, I might get suspended.

The only thing on his side is Dynasty. He is Rahul Gandhi. If the cop had used any of the sentence from Zanzeer then the News Traders would have blown the issue at the speed of Velocity.


Mr. Rahul Gandhi it is absolutely right to meet grieving family. But at the right place not in the hospital. You have SPG and it puts AAM Aadmi to inconvenience.

It is absolutely right to meet grieving family if you had said that he was a Sarpanch too.

It is absolutely right to meet grieving family had you met kins of the Dentist who was brutally murdered.

It is absolutely right to meet grieving family if you had visited few homes in Malda and Kerala where Hindus are butchered.

And it is absolutely right to meet grieving family as long as you are not in joyful mood and Close Up smile.

Did he cross the line and interfered in the functioning of a government staff on duty?  What was he trying to do? We know the answer. And the reality will not change.

Dynasty and their supporters needs to accept the truth. Feudal time is over. The youth doesn’t care who you are and where you come from. 44 seats is an outcome of the same.

Its Agnipath, Agnipath Agnipath………..


वृक्ष हों भले खड़े
हों घने, हों बड़े
एक पत्र छाँह भी
मांग मत! मांग मत! मांग मत!
अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

तू न थकेगा कभी
तू न थमेगा कभी
तू न मुड़ेगा कभी
कर शपथ! कर शपथ! कर शपथ!
अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

यह महान दृश्य है
चल रहा मनुष्य है
अश्रु-स्वेद-रक्त से
लथ-पथ! लथ-पथ! लथ-पथ!
अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ! अग्निपथ!

One thing politicians need to remember no matter what the News Traders do to support them, there is someone recording the facts from social media. They may be ordinary citizens but their voice will heard. They present facts. They don’t allow issues to die down. They pursue for years.

It is no more UPA government run by National Advisory Council of  Sonia Gandhi.


Credit: Wiki  Harivansh Rai Bachchan for Poem,  Twitter Screen Shots and WhatsApp , You Tube for Pic.

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