December 18, 2018

“All Indians Are Our Brothers And Sisters” – Part 1

Open Letter to Fellow Citizens

For years we are reading newspapers and watching news on television.

What do we do?

What do we think after reading a tragic news?

This question need not be answered directly. Rather it needs to be elaborated.

Rivers in states like Orissa, Assam and Bihar are in spate every year. We ignore the news as it doesn’t concern us. People died, displaced, hospitalised are just numbers for most citizens unless it knocks someone’s door.The news keeps appearing every year.

When Mumbai was flooded in 2005 the Mumbaikars for the first time saw the misery closely. Irrespective of rich or poor all were affected.

Many died in Mumbai.

As always Mumbaikars came on streets and helped the people in need. Yes they did raise their voice against poor Disaster Management of the Municipal Corporation and state government.

Not that Mumbaikar are perfect. But in such eventuality they go out of the way and help citizens.

Rest of India has to learn lesson and come forward in times of need.

Then comes the ugly side of arm chair activist sitting in air conditioned house (I write house instead of home on purpose) or news room giving gyaan to all and sundry. They have not achieved anything in life barring filling space of Page 3. Often seen wearing extra large sun glasses at times covering cheeks and forehead. This breed is also active and present without fail at major race course and cheering for their favorite Jockey. On such occasion these people forget about cruelty to animals. But they are the most vocal on Hindu festivals using horse or elephants.

This group of party animals, NGOs, communist, supported by Azaadi Brigade and paid news traders togather make an explosive bomb much bigger than bomb blast that has happened in so many cities. They are like termite and eating the nation slowly. When nation is bombed they want to play Aman Ki Aasha. For many ordinary citizens news is news. It is important to understand that there is something called as eco system and narrative.

What this eco system and narrative do in News Industry?

One person from this group starts the communication either in an interview or on social media and others follow and NEWS IS READY. India is INTOLERANT in three days straight. BBC runs a documentary on India’s Daughter and most ordinary citizens start creating content on social media and WhatsApp group.

One syrian refuge child is found dead on sea shore and it becomes headlines. As if rape has never happened, kids have not died because of mal nutrition earlier. How many times has the media shown concern to national news. Yes they have but when they show the caste is selectively shared in headlines keeping in mind the secular and Dalit angle.

Wake up simple and ordinary Indians don’t let the elite group create news that favors an agenda. Let us come togather and share factual news. News that doesn’t have any benefit to any political party. If any political party be it opposition or ruling has to be rubbed on the wrong side for not doing their job, rub them hard. Your facebook and other social media presence should have more of social concern rather than likes and comments on vacation. Social media is a powerful platform. Let us show our strength to highlight where government has failed to deliver along with the so called ELITE Brigade.

Having said that let us shift the focus to a recent tragedy.

It is so cool to make fun of entire Olympic Squad to Rio but not a word on Dana Manji. Did she or I missed out.

So cool to talk on Intolerant India but so difficult to speak and write on their own soul. The voice of conscience goes on sick leave selectively.

kalahandiDana Manjhi carrying dead body of his wife on his shoulder all alone with his 12 years daughter sobbing in despair and people watching his plight, clicking cameras & capturing videos.

Dashrath Manjhi (1960) to Dana Manjhi (2016) conditions appears to be same over period of 56 years. Than it was the road and now the vehicle which was missing but both Manjhis had the will to move forward. YouSketch by Umed Sharma know friends it is infact the compassion inside us which is missing. As part of society it is shameful for me what transpired with Sri Dana Manjhi and his 12 years old daughter as every onlooker has failed to empathize with the plight of Manjhi family and offer necessary assistance.
Let us be honest to our National Pledge which says “All Indians Are Our Brothers And Sisters”, and have compassion for every citizen of India.
Let us commit that this will not not be repeated with any other citizen of India.

Credit: Pen Sketch: Umed Sharma, WhatsApp pictures and Wiki



Author: Anupam Saxena Age 45 MBA. 

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