May 20, 2019

All izz not Well

People in uniform are not numbers put in media.

“Encounter in ___. 5 Jawans martyred and 7 LeT terrorist killed. “

There was a time when these were small news somewhere in the newspapers. Electronic media used to give it airtime as if it is some mandatory message after a Mutual Fund ad is aired on FM channel (mutual fund are subject to market risks, please read offer document carefully….)

With social media making it’s inroads the compulsion of media to cover it has increased. Though the media has started dedicating space for men in uniform at the borders and naxal affected areas the narrative has seen a clear divide. Most speaking pro pakistan language.

Prime Time debates where anti nationals are invited to speak against the nation. So many of them who had no identity are now leaders. Would like to use #TRPTime going forward.

Then there are specialist in print media ” ..And they hanged Afzal” kind.

And height was when Madam got tears after hearing Batla encounter.

All this has given birth to Tragedy Tourism.

What are we trying to do?

As citizens we need to be with Men in Uniform and their family. Let us get our act together.

Can we skip picnic on August 15th and January 26th and make sure the kids go to school.

Can we do some google search every time an encounter happens or loss of life in Naxal affected area and write few lines on our facebook page.

Government is doing what it needs to and we keep sharing messages like “Ohh the District Magistrate did not attend the funeral of the Martyr”. 

I am confident that each and every City, Town and village would have facebook accounts holder if not Twitter or Instagram. In case we hear such a news is it not our responsibility to visit the family of the martyr?

We keep cribbing that the funeral of Burhan Wani was attended by thousands of anti national people. Who stops the nationalists from attending the funeral of our Martyr.

Is it so difficult?

I don’t think so. If this can be done. It would be a big step in educating our own self and people in the surrounding.

The family would get moral support. And our own kids will get sensitive to such needs of the society. Then only we can say All izz Well. 

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