May 20, 2019


The events of the past few days had us riveted to the television sets watching the charade of resort politics , the fancy dress party , the drama , the intrigue , the tax raids , the debates , number crunching and desperate scramble by both parties to muster numbers for the election .

A desperate Congress tried every trick to ensure that Ahmad Patel – the pointsman of the dynasty and a close confidant of the ‘First Family’ – somehow wins the Rajya Sabha election from Gujarat .

The Congress that raised a hue and cry when Janardhan Reddy resorted to resort politics to topple Yediyurappa .  And , very recently the Party that minced no words to berate the AIADMK for the resort drama , has itself undertaken a resort jamboree to keep its flock together , all for the sake of one man .

The prestige of the Grand Old Party was at stake . Coming in the backdrop of recent electoral setbacks and the drubbing during the Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections the Party was hard pressed to stem the ‘ Rout Syndrome ‘ . Further , with crucial Gujarat elections up next . And in the immediate aftermath of the severe jolt from Shankarsinh Vaghela . Ahmed getting ambushed would have sounded the death-knell of the Party in Gujarat .

As if the resort drama wasn’t enough , the ‘ballot drama’ added suspense and intrigue to a thriller of an election . The Double cross , the hoodwink , the revolt , the money power , and the muscle power on open display  shamelessly mocked Democracy . But , it would be stupid to expect the present genre of Politicians to behave in a dignified manner and conduct constitutional duties in a honourable way , because honour and dignity are thrown to the wind the moment they take Oath of Office.

BJP’s vision of a ‘Congress MUKT Bharat’ is gradually becoming a reality . But on the other hand , the Congress fight back remains toothless , rudderless , and pointless and at times brainless .

Jayram Ramesh’s jibe – ‘ Sultanate is no-more but Sultan’s still rule ‘ is another instance of senior party functionaries openly expressing their disillusionment with the leadership and functioning of the Congress party .


” When you win some and lose some, you are considered ‘even-steven’ . But when the ratio is severely stacked against you , even winning some can mean losing a lot “. 

‘Congress has won the day, but has lost Gujarat’.

Picture Credit: Amit Shah


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