May 24, 2019


The word itself is bombastic but when i heard it, I was shattered. In common man’s language means”lazy eye”.It is a common feature in young children where there is a focussing problem of the eyes,if unchecked it can become a problem.

My daughter then aged eight was diagnosed with this problem. The brain focuses more on one eye and the other becomes lazy. Sometimes surgical intervention is required to correct this anomaly. It was a chance happening that my daughter was diagnosed with this,she could not see the blackboard clearly and was copying everything wrong. We tried to get her seat changed but that did not help much. She started complaining of headaches, so we took her to an opthomologist. Immediately he diagnosed her problem,a remedy was to patch one eye which was working,so that other could also start focussing, a pair of specs,choiciest medicines of all colours,eye drops and a drastic change in diet.My daughter was scared and the doctor assured her if she followed the regimen,her glasses would go. It was a far fetched possibility but to give her the morale boost,we encouraged her.

She hated wearing glasses to school as most of her classmates did not use glasses.She felt it made her look ugly, she lost her confidence but only the hope that if she followed the doctor’s advice, she would get rid of them.I felt sad seeing her but somehow kept a strong demeanor for her sake, though i was heart broken.

Six monthly visits to the opthomologist was a regular feature, her will power helped in a slight improvement in her vision. The doctor told her to drink milk thrice, to help her improve her vision.Though she hated milk but the idea to look pretty minus those glasses, she obeyed. This problem lasted for eight years,sometimes the number increased,sometimes decreased. It was like a pendulum swaying  from low to high and vice versa. The doctor had told us glasses would never go.

Her self esteem had hit a low ,we were worried but the tables turned when she entered her teens.She had turned thirteen and was in standard eight, when her teacher gave her an assignment to write on  positivity in life.

She wrote a poem, on the positivity of wearing glasses.She could change style and colours of her frames and change her look. She had started accepting her problem with a positive approach,her poem was appreciated and published in the school magazine.

I was happy that she had accepted the problem with grace, she never removed her glasses in school like others of her ilk. Her determination and will power bore fruit and now she has no glasses. Her eyesight improved and what was impossible became possible.

Dr.Preeti Talwar

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