May 20, 2019

American TRUMPoline ..

Woodrow Wilson’s quote suits Donald Trump perfectly. Wilson said and I quote –

“One cool judgement is worth a thousand hasty counsels . The thing to do is supply light not heat “.

Trump has made it amply clear that his abrasiveness isn’t just restricted to the election campaign, he has carried it with him to the White House .

The flurry of Executive Orders signed with a flourish have sent ripples within America and abroad. The wall, the Muslim ban, the H1b review, the Trade agreement etc are Trump’s quick-fix solutions to set right things that he thinks are wrong and detrimental to the interests of America.

Trump is a man in a hurry. I don’t blame him, he is not a regular Politician, he is a successful businessman who is out to replicate his CEO style success in the White House .

He has to learn a thing or two from our Politicians. Our guys promise the heaven during the course of election campaigning and conveniently forget most of the promises after assuming Office ( eg. The poor are still an issue even after decades of ‘Garebi Hatao’, our Politicians even try and connect with the poor by roaming around wearing a torn ‘Kurta’ ).

Thankfully Trump is thousands of miles away to get a whiff of our political system and be swayed by our way of life.

That which is ‘Light’ to him and his team is turning out to be ‘Heat’ to his political opponents, citizens and America’s friends and foes alike. Americans has to live with it and so do countries that are under the influence of America.

He is everything a normal American is not. He has rubbed America’s historical allies like Mexico and Australia on the wrong side.  He is pally with Putin (of all the people), such mutual admiration has never been witnessed in the history of the two cold-war countries. He is blowing hot and cold Wrto China, what he does with Xi is something that’s worth a wait and XEE. Trump’s handshake with Abe literally made the Japanese PM fart and jump out of his chair -the discomfort was obvious.

Trump’s campaigning did have a Indian flavor to it. His ‘Ab ke baar Trump Sarkar’ was an example of his Indianised electioneering .

And ‘Make in America’ was a rip off of MODI’s ‘Make in India’ campaign.

But India has a lesson to learn from Trump. His treatment of the media is something that if adopted in India could relieve us of a whole lot of biased news bits and shrill sound bytes.

God knows what’s in store for MODI when he visits America later this year . After his suave interactions with Obama, MODI is sure to have a complex and confused relationship with Trump.

Trump wants to ‘Make America great again’. Will he succeed is something that one needs to wait and watch but with his diabolical and comical satire he has succeeded in making more enemies than friends and is receiving more brickbats than bouquets.


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