April 24, 2019

Amruthaji – Be Humble

Whenever any liberal intellectual supports anyone then that person would most likely be a traitor to the group he belongs. In case of the corrupt party the person appreciated by the liberal intellectuals would definitely be corrupt or dangerous to the union of India. If the liberals praise an individual from the Hindutva group then he would be mole of someone outside the group and shall always be working to sabotage the Hindutva agenda.

The latest support of the liberals has been to Amruthaji who is the wife of a temporary employee of the government of Maharashtra. I am saying temporary employee because unlike the permanent employees who stay on forever this employee’s job is highly volatile and can he can also lose job due to pulling the plug by many other employees of the government or some of his frenemies. Everyone loves government job because of the security and Amruthaji should not get on with the early celebrations because the job is only a temporary one and not permanent.

Being humble is one of the greatest traits of humans. Amruthaji should take lessons from the family members of nationalist groups who too got temporary jobs in Government of India, UP all of which are temporary in nature. Not many of them have gone into wild celebrations because of the temporary job but remained humble inspite of getting a lot of benefits. This seems to be missing and it might be because of the independent nature of Amruthaji and also her interests in a variety of activities and there is nothing wrong and I am nobody to judge or certify unlike the liberals.

The case of Amruthaji is a clear example of misuse of the power of her husband because all her celebrations come because of the temporary job that her husband has landed. This will be the same case for most of the government employees. Even though the government employee himself might be honest his relatives and near/dear ones might not follow his footsteps except in rare cases. Many of the temporary government employees in different places have lost their jobs not because of their own faults but because of the faults of their family members.

The case of Amruthaji is not of corruption but more sinister in nature. Cheer leading for anti-nationalistic forces is not OK for any nationalistic person. How can an independent and intelligent woman like Amruthaji become blind to the nefarious designs of the anti-nationalistic forces? Cheer leading for any campaign which is for a good cause is great but partnering anti-Nationalistic forces even for a good cause is not ok. Anti-nationalistic forces are always looking for chink in the armour of nationalistic forces and nobody should take on the mantle of becoming that chink.

Amruthaji several of the cheer leaders of anti-nationals of the past are taken care by the anti-nationals for doing their bidding even after their family members have lost government jobs. I hope that your future is secure but being hyper nationalists and have nothing else but this nation to live, do not mess with our lives. Amruthaji, an independent woman such as you can Be Humble and it will only add to your glory and all the glitter will only destroy the sense of “Independent Woman” over a period of time.

You are an intelligent woman Amruthaji and many hope that your support to the nationalistic forces will be a sign of Being Humble.

Image Credits: https://www.unstuck.com/advice/does-being-humble-get-us-anywhere/



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