April 20, 2019

An Educated Fool


An uneducated fool can be forgiven but an educated fool cannot be forgiven – Derrick G

A man’s college and university degrees mean nothing to me until I see what he is able to do with them (Henry Ford). Young CM of India’s most populous state has Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from University of Sydney, Australia. What did he do to make a conducive environment for state’s education? Well, he engineered it to depletion. Eve teasers thrived under the umbrella of “Socialism” and school drop outs increased.

His recent comments on “Mobile Banking” show that he has been under the IMG-20170210-WA0069influence of Rahul Gandhi. (UP’s Boys). Akhilesh finds impeccable merit in black money. I am wondering which economist advised him on recession and black money as a means to curb recession. On one hand he promises free cellphones to people and on another hand he discredits mobile banking. His intellect has cycled away for sure!

Elementary education in the state is in shambles. Instead of working towards it, he is using diversionary tactics of polarization politics. Law and order is in a deplorable state. The state badly needs a “rejig” or “re-engineering” which is beyond the will and expertise of current establishment. The current government believes only in populism and freebies. Free cell phones and laptops will not help if the basic needs are not met. After six decades of independence, villages do not have electricity. Police administration is hand in glove with criminals. Girls cannot go to schools due to unabated eve teasing and hooliganism.

It’s time the youth of the state thinks beyond cellphones and votes for re-engineering (Vikas). Electorates do not need a Master’s degree to make it happen. Just caste your votes wisely.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter, thanks friends, adverlabblogspot.com


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