January 22, 2019

An IIT degree and a colossal waste


An Indian parent pretty much knows what they want for their kids- intelligent enough to crack IIT and smart to be an Indian Idol. The expectation pressure of Indian parent is not the focus of my piece here rather the opening line was to highlight the difficulty involved in getting into an IIT.

Considering the difficulty in getting into an IIT and the coveted nature of these seats – I get really upset when people to who get the opportunity throw it away callously. The newest entry or should I say the most vocal entry into that list is the CM of our capital –state.

Mr. Kejriwal not only aced the IIT he was also selected in IRS. Despite having such coveted career he decided to quit the IRS and pursued venture into the NGO ecosystem. He then became part of the much famed Anna Movement only to formally enter into electoral by forming AAP in November 2012. AAP won the 2013 Delhi Assembly elections in style.

So far so good but this party which says India will changed instead changed drastically once he assumed office. He would focus on issues that too manufactured which portrayed the country and the government of the day in bad light. The media also danced to the fictitious issues of beef, intolerance, etc. the latest being the issue of Dalits in Gujarat. One is amazed at the agility of Mr. Kejriwal when he can go to UP, Telangana or Gujarat but when it came to meeting the victims of slum fire in Delhi he was nowhere to be seen. Also I am confident he will not go to Bulandsahar to meet the rape survivors. So in short this act of a hyena or a jackal he could {an untruthful man} have done even if he was uneducated. Lack of education would have made it more bearable for the onlookers like me. It’s a real pain to watch a person who aced IIT and Civil Services, got more that 95% seat in the assembly just acting like a Shahbuddin of politics.

What a colossal waste, I hope the Indian voter is more cautious in future and doesn’t get carried away by theatrics.

About the Author

Vijaya is a cloud architect who loves to dabble in emerging technologies. President Kalam is her role model and like him she too would love to see that India becomes part of the league of developed nations before I die.

She is an avid blogger. Loves to read whenever she gets a chance. She likes to meet people and explore different culture. Like many others I am not averse to politics as if we leave it to lesser deserving ones we cannot complain for any mess that our country or society may be in


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