April 26, 2019

An Ode To The Unknown leader

A Poem

The Crown and The Cross you gladly bear,
You manfully shoulder many a care,
Without much recognition or appreciation,
Nothing ever works, as much as self-motivation,

 Believing, Always believing in your Destiny,
In all that you do, you create harmony,
You maximize potential and build capacity,
You display great character and sagacity

You willingly take on great responsibility,
And yet you carry on, in all humility!
You believe that all things great and small,
God in his own image, created them equal, all!

Remember, long ago did Confucius say,
May the humblest among you, lead the way!
That is the Servant Leadership Style,
It has helped achieve, many a last-mile!

Jesus Christ, Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi,
Each of them lead, by serving humanity!
All stayed true, to that school of thought,
Became world leaders, whom every one sought!

Wondering, always wondering, if YOU do not know,
Can you really afford to Say so?!
When no one knows where to go,
YOU Point your finger and show the way,
You light up the dark, and save the day!

 Horizons you can see beyond,
You anticipate the unexpected, and respond!
You can bend your vision, around any inflexion,
You convert your dreams, into acts of perfection!

You Create opportunities where none exist
You sweat and toil and you subsist!
Yours is a calling, not merely a profession,
It’s a way to live, Oh it’s an obsession!

The Crown and The Cross you gladly bear,
You manfully shoulder many a care,
The Crown and The Cross you gladly bear…..


Sentient Poet,amateur writer, perennial student and a persistent analyst, the author is a Senior Management Professional in the Indian Microfinance Sector