April 19, 2019

Anti-Constitutional Groups

Every citizen who lives within the territory of Bharat has to live by the constitution that has been enacted and being implemented. There should be no scope for any citizen to thrive who goes against the constitution as long as it exists. Discussions, debates, peaceful protests could all be organized as they are guaranteed by the constitution to bring in changes for the betterment of the nation as a whole and not narrow self-centeredness of any group of citizens. No citizen group should be ever be allowed to form which works against the guiding principles of the constitution and the constitution should prevail over all other personal laws and belief systems without any discrimination. All this is good to read, but is it happening. The answer is no, because there is lack of political will as major groups are dealers with arms of constitution to turn the other side when anti-constitutional acts are done by them.

Bharat has been at war with invaders for over thousand years and then got the opportunity to be ruled once again by its own people after the recent independence in 1947. But to the utter dismay the ruling class has created a constitution that has sown seeds of disintegration and the various arms of the constitution have been working hard to keep India disunited. The government has become soft state easily blackmailed into submission with the violence potential of certain groups. The writ of the government runs only on the weaker section of citizen groups who do not have a collective bargaining power with the arms of the constitution.

The creatures of constitution have been more foreign in thought than the foreigners themselves ie. Our ruling class is more British in thought than the Englishmen.  The creatures of constitution have been working overtime to ensure that their hold on the power structures do not crumble under the aspirations of the people. False idols are showed as persona to be followed and fake history is fed to the children to de-Indianize them to a great extent. All this anti-constitutional activities happen because the architects of the constitution are mere mortals and are prone to bias of their own. The times are changing fast and the aspirations of the people are also changing and the question that remains is whether the constitution that exists today is valid or needs a complete overhaul. The obvious answer would be to make the constitution simpler and easily understandable to all with fewer exceptions to specific groups.

The correction of the demigodified written constitution would be portrayed as blasphemy and as one political leader even talked about raktpath even if attempted. The constitution has put costs on one group of people for doing alleged wrongs of the past and planted the seeds for disunity. The creatures of constitution have only nurtured this seed for their own gains and now this seed has transformed into jungle with several wild animals roaming freely under the guarantee of the constitution. Hence it is becoming more urgent to make the constitution apply to all in equal measures without any discrimination of any sort. Any imbalances in the society should not be by the constitution but by timely government interventions with a end date and should not be a part of constitution process, should be neutral in all senses.

When the punishment for groups of citizens is imbibed in the constitution, there is always a possibility for other groups to get the privileges or make plans to escape the punishment. The rights enjoyed by the various groups of citizens are all derived from the same constitution and thus the responsibilities should be in proportion to the rights enjoyed. The special privileges should come with caveat with special responsibilities. If any community seeks special provisions and special protection then the additional resources should be obtained from the same community. What the government should do is to give equal treatment to all. If a Marathi group wants reservations, then there should be increased tax rates on the community. If any sub-group of community is enjoying the scare provisions then there should be special taxations for redistribution of resources. If a muslim want to go to Haj then the money should be billed to the WAKF Board. If a Christian group wants privileges then it should be given and the bill should be delivered to the church which is astonishingly rich.

The question that arises in the minds of many is – why should government provide facilities to the various Hindu temples. The simple answer is that the government controls the wealth of majority of temples. Apart from this the majority of the country is Hindu and majority of the revenue of the state is generated from the Hindus. There should be no doubt about this one issue. The government should fund the entire infrastructure that is needed to reach every corner where there is economic activity. The prosperity of all citizens is automatically guaranteed. The government fails to deliver on its promise of common infrastructure and to keep the power it panders to selective sub groups giving lollipop rights and privileges.

When citizen groups enjoy privileges then there should be a proportional burden on the community that forms the particular group. Any wrong by individuals should be made a burden on the society at large. This might look dictatorial but in a large diverse country like ours, there is no other way. When a patidar agitation is taking place and lakhs of people are indulging in mindless violence, then the costs of this violence should be on the community itself. If a Raza academy commits mindless violence then the punishment should be put on the entire Muslim community which the Raza academy seems to represent. The democracy is supposed to be participatory and the citizens should act in timely manner. If majority of the citizen groups are held to ransom by the tiny group of hotheads, then complaints should fly and the government should take necessary action. Or else for any untoward incident, the community should be held responsible.

The collective punishment always works when the precise punishment does not because identifying the particular individual is not taking place due to the bigotry of the entire group of citizens. Public property is sacrosanct in a democracy and it belongs to all – be it rich or poor. If a group of lawyers, doctors, teachers, transporters indulge in any anti-constitutional activity under a particular banner, then the identity is revealed and the punishment be given to the entire section that functions under the banner. The collective responsibility should be used to ensure that anti-Constitutional groups fall in line with the constitution while guaranteeing the various other rights to speech, life, religion, property, etc to the fullest extent. Even though this is a big ask, it works because at the global level this is one of the ways which is used to break the weaker law breakers.

But if the anti-Constitutional groups are stronger and continue with their acts, then it is time to strip their rights and the punishment should be continuously escalated because Bharat has to protect its identity and continuation.

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