May 24, 2019

Anti-NOTA Warriors

A small section of intellectuals, allegedly from the BJP side have come to a conclusion that all the NOTA voters should vote for BJP. There is zero evidence to disprove their hypothesis; there is also no proof to support their claims. With this point in mind it is important to understand and identity the attitudes of the Anti-NOTA foot soldiers and commanders of the BJP. The BJP is being brought into the topic because it seems that only the BJP supporters are making these claims and their secular counter parts only blame the EVMs instead of voters. The ways of the secular parties are appreciable in this case because the secular parties never abuses the voters.

Basically NOTA is anti-Democratic and the NOTA choice is the choice of irresponsibility and a claim of moral high ground usually taken by the likes of super intellectuals. Which sane person would decide that he is the judge and according to him all the candidates in the race are undeserving of his vote and would press NOTA? These intellectually superior rascals can vote for any party because the secular parties have larger number of intellectual supporters and also the dumbest supporters who would press a button on the EVM because some Godman has told them to do so.

But the anti-NOTA warriors are of the firm belief that these super intellectuals are their voters are doing this NOTA voting to destroy the BJP. Initially I too had the same opinion but more thinking and talking brought newer insights into the issue. The superior intellectuals who select NOTA are just disgruntled voters who take all the time in the world and walk to the polling booth to say that they are not interested in Democracy. It would have been better that they stayed at home. But Hindu democracy has space of these people is a testimony to the foolishness of our politicians and our courts. In the terms of Judicial process, NOTA is akin to tearing the judgment in the face of the BlackCoats like what Pappy did to MMS’s ordinance. NOTA goes one step further and the voter claim that the judges are good for nothing. But our Hindu democracy has space for everyone.

The question the anti NOTA BJP supporters should ask themselves is, “Why are people taking all the pain the world and pressing NOTA?” The anti-NOTA warriors have no time to answer the questions posed if any by the NOTA voters or those who donot support MODI BHAJAN. In the name of MODI, HINDUISM SURVIVAL, CIVILIZATION BATTLE, BLAH BLAH, voters are supposed to vote for BJP. These are like the tantrums of a pampered child whose lollipop has been snatched away by his elder sibling or vice versa. People are not voting BJP because their message is not accepted or the message has not reached in the way it should have. The failings of the party are thrust down the throat of the voters and these anti-NOTA warriors are also taking a moarl high ground similar to the NOTA voters.

Those claiming civilisational battle, the BJP did next to zero in terms of protection of the civilization and culture. One more generation has studied white washed islamic bigotry, one more generation has been secularized and pampered with public goods, couple of generations are harassed over their beliefs in a temple in Kerala. These are proofs of the incompetence of the BJP and it is individual people who are taking up the fight for their culture and BJP has little to show that its efforts are in place to protect the CIVILIZATION. What BJP is doing is SECULAR BHAJAN, BAPU BHAJAN, etc. What has Gandhi got to do with cleanliness? The fake narrative of BJP should stop and the positive message should start and only then a true campaign can happen.

Atleast the NOTA voters are not declaring themselves in the public and are watching the scenes unfold in front of their eyes. NOTA voter is like the URBAN NAXAL who can be anyone. The agenda of the urban naxal has been exposed by Mr. Agnihotri, the agenda of the NOTA voters is still a mystery but it is clear from the source of the NOTA option that a lot of study has been made on the Indian Mindset by those who sought NOTA and Indian voters are mere guinea pigs. Instead of abusing the NOTA voters and speaking ill of them, the anti-NOTA warriors would do well by explaining in clear terms why more people should vote for BJP. Devoid of any logic and ideas, the anti-NOTA warriors abuse the super intellectual NOTA but can do zlich to pull more of secular party voters towards BJP. This inspite of doing secular bhajan and extreme minority appeasement.

The lazy ones who claim to be supporters of the BJP and who act like anti-NOTA warriors are the real danger to the BJP than the NOTA voters. In a close fight where the winning margin is a few hundred or thousand votes, the BJP failed to pull tens of thousands of voters towards it but their supporters blame NOTA voters. The BJP supporters of anti-NOTA kind should be real idiots or traitors themselves. Never insult the choice of the voters because voters have their rights. Blame your leaders for failing to pull more people to your side.  The CIVILIZATION, BLAH BLAH does not belong to one party or individual and if it is gone it is gone. Spread a positive and true message to more people and give the course of action for the great things that BJP want to deliver on.

Picture Credit: India TV


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