April 19, 2019

Ar Wind Cage Ri Wall: Journey to No Where

Gali apni koi na shahar apna koi, kahan din bitaatey kahan raat karate………

Delhi, then Varanasi, Delhi and now Punjab. Probably, he is the best synonym of Vagabond. He lacks consistency and it is clearly visible. Starts with slap gate and now we hear of a brick being hurled.

No matter what an individual wants in life, at least they have an aim and agenda that may be difficult but yet achievable. There are certain people who keep trying. And then there is a class of people who hit around the bush.

Delhi CM had a brief case full of documents as evidence against Sheila Dixit. The moment he became CM that brief is no where to be seen, instead he put the onus on BJP to do it. Starting with a big bang and making huge announcement he dug his own grave. The basis of his politics was DHARNA. But now as CM he hates Dharna. He wanted people to make video of corruption but now he is scared of such videos. He wanted to behave like a KING and have a DARBAR but ran away from it. Wanted to make a team of Commandos to ensure females safety instead he upgraded his own lifestyle. You name it and he has done the opposite. The last to talk about is the free WIFI and CCTV in Delhi. Seriously he has used his engineering knowledge to the fullest and used state of art technology. WiFi signals are available right from Borivali National Park in north Mumbai to South Mumbai. CM of Maharashtra is just not working. All he has done is put CCTV all across Mumbai. This adds to the safety and also ensured Mumbai Traffic Police is now able to issue E Challan. How bad. Residents of Maharashtra should request their CM to learn implementation from from Delhi CM. :-))

Well sarcasm aside. Time to share screen shots freshen our memory.

One who has not hesitated from using his kids and even freedom fighter for political gains keeps talking as if we are blind and deaf. No one will ever forget KRANTIKAARI interview.

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IMG_20161127_093451 (2)



To divert attention with the help of Krantikaari Media he did Odd Even experiment, now that he knows many Delhi AAP MLAs wicket are down and balance also would be down soon, he is running away from DELHI. I bet BJP with just two MLAs will become majority party in Delhi government soon. Last year posters of Bhindrawale emerged with Sirji ka photo on it. Later he claimed that it was not his work. Ye public hai sab jaanti hai……….

Chandigarh is Capital for Haryana and Punjab. Is he dreaming of making it capital for Punjab Haryana and Delhi. With AK, anything is possible.

Hope Punja – Ab gives a fitting reply to AAP on D Day.



Picture Credit: Screenshots from Tweeples and WhatsApp and Zee News



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