April 19, 2019

Archbishop on the same page as the Mullah

Modi antagonists have launched a fusillade trying desperately to thwart Modi’s mission to retain power in Gujarat for another term .

The intensity of the battle has already reached a feverish pitch and the slanging match is expected to break all records of Indian electoral politics and breach all levels of decency . Meme’s , sex tape , potato to gold , targeted investigative journalism , concocted allegations , temple runs etc., are just a warm-up – the race is yet to begin .

Hardik Patel , the face of Patidhar Quota movement has ganged up with Alpesh Thakor , a OBC leader and

Jignesh Mevani , a Dalit Social Rights activist, in a bid to forge an alliance of convenience pa with Congress to deny BJP another term .

The Congress has unleashed a refurbished Rahul to take on Modi in his home turf . The stress of anti-incumbency on BJP , the disgruntlement of the Patidhars , the continued Muslim hatred of Modi , and disenchantment of the business class post DeMon and GST are issues that are exploitable , and are being exploited to the fullest by the Congress .

But what really is disconcerting is the role of Christians . The Archbishop of Gandhinagar , Thomas Macwan has appealed to Christians to defeat Nationalistic forces, aka BJP . By doing so the closeted dislike of BJP by Christians is now out in the open .

Weren’t Christians supposed to be more circumspect than their more populous minority brethren , the Muslims ?

We are used to Mullah’s and their contemptuous sermons of incitement . We are used to their ridiculous Fathwa . And , we are well aware of the Muslim vote bank . But , a Christian Archbishop’s open letter where he urges his community to defeat ‘Nationalistic forces’ is a blatant attempt at communal politics . A telling acknowledgement of Religion meddling in Politics , and Religious Leaders leveraging their influence to polarise their community .

A manufactured psychosis of fear spread by a religious Head coming at the time of a crucial Election reeks of partisanship of the parish . A blow to true Christians who peacefully coexisted with Hindus , who now have to contend with resentment of the Hindus all because of the insensitivity of a Man called Thomas Macwan .

What concerns the church is not the atrocities against Christians, because incidents haven’t spiked , after Modi took charge , as the church wants us to believe . It’s the deprivation that hurts them most ; The deprivation of freedom to convert at will . The deprivation of funds that they used to raise through a network of NGO’s in their mission to propagate Christianity .

The deprivation of political relevance that they were so accustomed to during earlier regimes .

Hindus supporting a Hindu party is termed as communal politics but the irony is when a Muslim supporting a Muslim political Leader is called ‘Secular Politics’ . Now with this call by the the Christian clergy , irony dies a slow death when a Christians call upon Christians to defeat Nationalistic forces for the country to remain Secular – rather , for the country to be remain a an uneven playground where the Hindus play second fiddle to the Muslims & Christians .

The World has seen that politics and religion go hand in hand . The Papal influence , the Grand Mufti’s influence , the Ayotullah’s influence are legendary . Why is it that only Hindus are called COMMUNAL when Hindus choose to elect a truly Secular party to power in a perfectly democratic manner ?

Isn’t it ‘Hippopotamanian Hypocrisy’ ?

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