April 20, 2019

Are we really Educated?

This Republic Day while we celebrate the memorable day we need to ask this question to ourselves – Are we really Educated?

Seven decades after Independence the government is compelled to spend crores of tax payers money to remind the nation that we need to keep public places clean. This is utterly shameful. Let us evaluate the root cause of the problem.

We treat ourselves educated as we can speak, write and read in one or more language. We treat ourselves as educated because we hold graduation and post graduation degrees. This education is of zero significance if we don’t use it for behaving in a civic manner. We break queues, we start driving from wrong lane the moment we realize we are stuck in traffic for more than ten minutes. We start cursing and abusing government staff without knowing the reason for a particular problem. We love to honk and use high beam even in housing society and narrow lanes. We speak loudly on phone in public places without realising that it would disturb others. We don’t like to loose a basic discussion in office even if we are wrong and try to force our point of view. We become civil selectively depending on whether we are at airport or at Bus Station. We make fun of people who try to follow law. We get scared to demand our fundamental right and  prefer to adopt a short cut by paying bribe.

A sizable population is genuinely Educated and does the right thing, is that all. Ones who are on social media and use social media in the interest of the nation needs to continue with the good work they are doing. Their consistent effort will definitely motivate  more citizens. On part of the government also a lot has to be done. The infrastructure for primary education has gone from bad to worse. Almost all parents first choice is place their children in private schools. Same parents never shy away and celebrate when their children get admission in government  medical and engineering colleges. We need civic sense to be inculcated right from schooling. This can happen only when schools have basic amenities and teachers in full strength.

Central and State government along with Municipal corporation need to invest a little in tactical advertising. It has to be clutter breaking. Just having celebrity brand ambassador will not assist in getting desired result. The citizen has to be converted into a brand ambassador.  The campaign and marketing communication should compel the citizen to think. It is childish to invest in telling citizens to keep surrounding clean. A reverse approach is possible and if government wishes, solutions are available. There are dozens of civic issues and there is no point having a celebrity for every issue.

This Republic Day let us take pledge to behave like Educated Citizens by being exemplary.

So which side are you? Educated in real spirit or for name sake?

Picture: Rishabh’s Lens



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