May 24, 2019

Are Women Safe From Women Protection Laws


Are Women Safe From gender biased Laws

Every 11 Min a Women is arrested in 498A (Cruelty by Husband on Wife)

Summary:  Hridaya Voices the plight of young girls and elderly mothers and Sisters of the Country. When the entire country has seen enlightened activism on women Security & crime against women. It becomes imperative to highlight the aftermath of these laws meant to protect women.  The cascading effect of these skewed laws have consequential effect on Indian family system as well as the so called safety of women are jeopardized. Laws meant to protect women are the most misused ones , often used as extortion tool , meant to settle scores & more to satisfy egos. The brunt of  498a meant to protect wife from cruetly by Husband engulfs innocent Mothers and Sisters , year 2012 registered 498a as a crime with highest % of Women’s Arrested in the Country. 47,951  women were arrested in 498a alone , Essential to mention that the Conviction rate in 498a is meager 15%, We have seen a consistent drop in Conviction rate year on year. 

The laws meant to protect women are the most misused ones. A discussed on misuse of laws is zeroed on 498a which is most widely talked about. The Law is popularly termed as Dowry law, where on the Statement of Complainant (wife) is good enough to send the Husband and his entire family behind bars. The law is seen as a symbol of Women empowerment and embodies women safety.

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