May 24, 2019

Are You Surprised by this Performance?

Indian postal services is more than 150 years old. Has appx. 155,618 post offices and over 566,000 employees, India has the largest postal network in the world.

It has been facing stiff competition in parcel services from private courier companies.   The turn around as reported in the screen shot below merits a loud round of applause for the Minister in charge and the personnel of this public utility service.

Indians by and large, Social Media user in particular are extremely piqued by the Main Stream English Media and a select band of high visibility anchors who seems to have thrown everything out of the window, sense,sensibility,  ethics, integrity, credibility, merit, objectivity, non partisan ship, empathy etc etc.detailed essays are written daily, sans substance and value, single product obtained from these prose is unadulterated venom,imaginative stretching of the dots to join at only one destination. PM Modi, BJP & Hindu community, religion, customs, practices, and  festivals.

The remarkable turn around in most sectors notably, public sector. Media is pointedly silent about these achievement of the government of India. Ignoring this spectacular turnaround in the fortune of these organization is not going to vanish, public will get this information a bit delayed but will certainly hear of the good work being done.

Public Angst with  Main Stream English Media will definitely mount. Information must flow unhindered and in a non partisan manner.

Who is surprised by this performance? Not the public , it’s the Axis of Evil, which cannot digest the all round progress.opposition and Main Stream English Media

Credit :screenshot sourced from twitter. posted by Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad Union Cabinet Minister

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