May 24, 2019

ATM Fraud – How to Avoid

ATM Fraud is the new issue that the citizens of India have to be careful.

While this is rampant in US and Europe and lot of education is already given to prevent it, in India the customers are new and more so many of them are using ATM for the first time. Anyone can become victim of the ATM fraud. It could be a well qualified or simple lesser educated person.

In 2001 I was part of a company that used to offer ATM maintenance and cash loading service to one of the leading banks in Mumbai. Though this fraud is a recent development in India but with my past experience I would share some useful tips spread over few articles. Each article will focus on a particular issue.

Part 1 is on basic precaution and reasons for precaution.

Whenever you visit and ATM please make sure that you visit your own bank ATM. In case of eventuality you would be serviced fast. Getting CCTV footage, etc are easy from own bank ATM rather than networked ATM.

Make sure you visit an ATM that has a security guard. Nowadays you would find un attended ATMs. Chances of ATM being compromised are higher that are not having security guard.

If you have any issue with the ATM, report them to the concerned branch with ATM location, date and time. The security guard is for public. But on record most of the banks take them as attendant. Their duty is to maintain the ATM place, clean and inform the Bank in case the ATM machine is not working or if the ATM runs out of cash. With regard to safety they are not armed. They are also supposed to ensure that only one person is near the ATM machine and no one enters the ATM with helmet on or prevent anyone from taking photograph.

If possible dont mix the withdrawn currency notes with the ones that are already in your wallet / purse. Most banks prefer to put fresh currency notes in ATMs some have to put the used ones. Just in case you land up with counterfeit currency and someone tells you about it, you would know from where you had taken the cash. Same can be reported to the bank.

Lastly, you are more safe and assured when you visit an ATM with high footfalls. Chances of someone installing a device to read your card is next to impossible.

Next article would focus on micro details. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, feel free to write to me.

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