January 20, 2019

Attendance – Present Miss

Rahul gandhi

Rahul bhaaiya was seen protesting against Prime Minister’s continued absence in Parliament.

There is severe drought of ideas to corner NaMo. Why peddle lies? But who am I to question the Prince.

In entire 15th Lok Sabha Rahul bhaiya did not ask a single question. His attendance was 42.61%.

Hashtags like #RahulMissing and #RahulReturns are self explanatory.

With all this coming from his side yet bhakts are highly greatful to him, he should continue with such unconditional support like this till 2019. First thing first. To put the facts for litmus test let us run through few news articles from the past. Yes just few.

Rahul on ‘forced vacation’ to keep him away from Bihar campaign: BJP


Rahul Gandhi tweets European holiday plans; Twitterati starts guessing


Rahul returns from vacation: A recap of 20 viral #WhereisRahul pics on Twitter


Revealed: What Rahul Gandhi did for the 60 days he went missing


Rahul Gandhi’s holidays contain more mysteries than Enid Blyton’s novel


Now let us see what is written for Modiji

PM Narendra Modi’s tour covers five nations in 140 hours 


Know how workaholic Modi manages his 18 hr work schedule


All such protests are not going to help Rahul and congress. But yes I do have an idea to help Rahul. Now is the time to use ESCAPE VELOCITY to leave Modi behind…. come on Rahul you can do it………..

Picture Credit and Link Credit: Economics Times, Dainik Bhaskar, First Post, India Today, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, Rediff.com, Live Mint and Amul



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