May 20, 2019

Awakened Hindu is Intolerant to Show Business, Communist and Liberals

Social Media is playing havoc to many. Hence, the attempt to curtail freedom. The Freedom of Expression (FoE) is freely available and in surplus for the ones who wish to play Aman ki Aasha and play with sentiments of Hindus.

2014 general elections was not an election for Modi. It was an election for the suppressed voices of Hindus and nationalists. Congress last and failed attempt to introduce Communal Violence Bill was one act of putting final nail in the coffin. But the effort to crush Hindus sentiments continue till date.

Like all I too support FoE but it can’t be one way traffic. It can’t be deformation of History. Some thorny questions that Bollywood needs to answer:

  • Why don’t they make films on minority religion?
  • Why did none stood with AR Rahman when Fatwa was issued against him?
  • Why did AIB apologise to the Christian community after one of their episode?
  • Aamir Khan can make PK and give gyaan on why milk is wasted but will never ever have the guts to support Charlie Hebdo. Why?

We don’t want distorted history admiring invaders and putting them in good light. Invaders have to be treated and prefixed as” INVADERS” whether they are Alexander, Akbar or Tipu. A friend of mine had been to Greece and asked many locals about Alexander. He was astonished to know that very few people actually knew him. Here in India this aggressor is prefixed as GREAT. What for?

What was written for last so many decades was fiction. Real History will be written now. Today we debate on social media based on facts. Be it congress or BJP none have shown courage to arrest Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid. Why? He has openly threatened judiciary of riots if arrested. It is the fault of the successive government and ones in judiciary to put SECULAR issues under carpet. Everyone wants Hindus and Temples under their control why not places of worship of other religions? If Hindus are so pathetic, then why use the money generated from Temples?

Congress has persistent problem with HINDUS. Kill COW publicly in Kerala and visit Temple in Gujrat. Judiciary too is aware of the consequences. Keep passing judgement on all PILs against Hindus but keep safe distance from minority religion. NGT has gone ahead and wants to compete with judiciary. Where is this heading?

The string should be pulled only to safe confines. Else it will break and hurt the hands holding it.

Hope someone files a PIL or use some other legal means to put a curb on show business from making any film, TV serial or documentary if they can’t do the same for other minority religions. Sentiments of a religion should not be measured by the damage it can create to public property. Instead it should be measured by the decency with which it has treated humiliation. However, this is treated as weakness and now used against the Hindus.

Judiciary and Legislatures should make note and start showing empathy towards the needs of  Hindu religion.

2014 was first step of Hindu Awakening. Millions of Hindus are still pretending to sleep and play FoE FoE. They need to be awakened with facts. 2019 this will continue. 2024 a totally awakened Hindu community will be in supervision mode. Game played by Secular forces will come to haunt them soon legally and logically.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter . Thanks to @Ish_Bhandari and @ippatel



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