April 23, 2019

Bahubali 2 Released : Shahabuddin and Susaashan Saga

The grandeur, pomp and show around Shahbuddin’s release from Bhagalpur Central Jail today is grand enough to put even Tim Cook’s September 7th Apple event to shame. 1300 SUVs reached Bhagalpur to mark the celebration of Bahubali . I mean no disrespect to the fans of Prabhas starrer Bahubali  . This infamous Bahubali would lead help in implementing Susaashan(read Jungle Raj).

The release of Bahubali has already started showing results. Today a Photojournalist’s teenage son was shot dead in Patna. Lawlessness is flourishing right under Susaashan Babu’s nose and he is smoking 2019 Prime Ministerial post Pipe dream. Tejasvi Yadav recently endorsed that Nitish Kumar would make a better PM than Narendra Modi. A much needed ego soothing massage for Nitish.

Bahubali’s release was a well orchestrated event. Sushil Kumar Modi put out  a Facebook post highlighting the backdrop of Shahabuddin’s release. Prakash Jha would now get enough material to showcase his craft in the coming days. Bahubali would be definitely be a source of inspiration. After Gangajal,Apharan and Rajneeti  we may get  Apharan 2.0 from Prakash Jha.

Picture Courtesy: www.catchnews.com

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