May 19, 2019

Balochistan: After Quetta Attack

Advocate Kachkol Ali Baloch

Mahmood Khan Achikzahi said that the tragic event of Quetta occurred on 08/08/2016 remembered him, during the tragic earthquake of Quetta in 1935. Yes, exactly in quantitative and qualitative .In the recent incident more than 70 innocent citizens were killed majority of them were lawyers, and more than 100 were seriously injured. Obviously they were knowledgeable and intellectual, there is popular saying that knowledge is power, rather this power can be skillfully applied by lawyers brotherly in an effective manner. They were the few who were seniors, and they played a vital role for restoration of democracy and judiciary, and always stand for the rule of law, supremacy of constitution and independence for judiciary. Therefore their ruthless killing is an irreparable loss to Balochistan, being an underprivileged province. As we had experiences of the Quetta earthquake, that snatched from Balochistan people a very important and veteran Baloch leader Yusuf Aziz Magsi. After that learned leader especially Baloch and Balochistan politics in long period became directionless. None in this world is indispensable but there are also a few, who after their expiry, leave the gap which cannot be easily filled. To me , it would cause a prime impact to the judiciary of Balochistan and Pakistan.

Now come to the point  why the President of Balochistan Bar Bilal Kasi was targeted and killed, thereafter the platters obviously understood his body would be brought to Civil Hospital Quetta, they also understood that a considerable numbers of lawyers would come to see their President. Precisely ,therefore a suicide bomber was already alert for his exploding, there was already an established precedent in Quetta, when the bus of Women University was targeted and injured were brought to Bolan Complex, there were terrorists hidden in hospital and they killed all those who came to hospital. Hence a man of prudent mind is compelled to think that how in Quetta where there has always been tighten security, searching and checking being carried out strictly by security forces. And even female folk are not exempted and spared from checking, than how the attackers reach to the incident places. Because all things were already managed and organized by some powerful forces. In this direction there are many writers who are authority, and they said all the Jihadis and terrorists in one way or the other are relationship with the security establishment and secret services. Francesca Mrino and Beniamino Natale in their book APOCALYPSE PAKISTAN an anatomy of ‘the world’s most dangerous nation’ they said in their this book that the Pakistani army and secret services’ use of terrorism as an element in foreign policy. Therefore till date Pakistan is the only country in the world without foreign minister because security establishment does not tolerate any one to deal with foreign affairs, and the country is in doldrum nowadays in isolated in the global diplomacy and its all neighbors in one way or other are angry with it. Due to its this policies world calls it the epicenter of terrorist, rather axis of evil, in foreign affairs the federal government ‘s position as such as an orphan, so for Balochistan is concerned it is a colony of Pakistan, the real rulers there are Corps Commander and Inspector General of Frontier Corps, the human rights, civil rights and even right to lives of Balochistan People and specially Baloch are at the mercies of security establishment, they are above to law of land, constitution ,international human rights standards and humanitarian law. The fault of Balochistan lawyers were or are they took stand to stop the impunity in respect of enforceable disappearance more than 20000 innocent Baloch people are or were in illegal custody of security forces and frequently are being custodial killed, their sins were that the security forces should follow the substantive and procedure laws, to stop arbitrarily arrest and willful killing of innocent Baloch people. Since they consider themselves the real rulers and guardians of the country and treat Pakistan a self-style security state, and in the name of counter-terrorism and national security are enjoying all sorts of impunity ,in terms of Baloch Genocide, Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes. Before the security forces no one has to dare to asks them in respect of their these misdeed and we had seen that in this tragic event they shamelessly blamed that there is foreign hands in it and referred CEPEC ,whereas thousands Baloch have been eliminated and their mud built houses were destroyed without any justification by them.”


About the Author

A lawyer, he he has been the leader of opposition in the Balochistan assembly in the past. Ghulam Mohammad Baloch & Lala Munir of Baloch National  Movement (BNM) and Sher Mohammad Baloch of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) were kidnapped from his chamber in 2010 and killed by Pakistani intelligence.

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