April 19, 2019


national anthem (also state anthemnational hymnnational song, etc.) is generally a patriotic musical composition that evokes and eulogizes the history, traditions, and struggles of its people, recognized either by a nation’s government as the official national song, or by convention through use by the people. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_anthem).

The bigoted Judges of the Secular Court are mocking the Hindus and telling that we can do as we please and you can do nothing about it. The usage of the work Hindu is the most important because the bigots in the Court have given permissions to certain groups of people to not give respect to the national anthem. The Secular Court Bigots (SCB) have divided the nation into two groups – those who voluntarily give respect to the national anthem and those who need not give respect to the anthem because of peculiar reasons.

The peculiar reason mostly mentioned is the religion of the individual. It is a universal belief that Respect has to be given and cannot be demanded but there are exceptions even to the universal beliefs. The courts for long have been protecting the religions of a particular book and their freedoms are kept above the constitution. The constitution is expertly used to infringe on the rights of the Hindus. There are umpteen cases of the infringement on the lives of ordinary Hindus by the SCB using the most dubious route called the PILs.

The agents of foreign money bags, who want to change the demography of Bharat have been attacking the Hindu rituals one at a time and the attacks on Hindus are pushed under the grounds. Every aspect of the Hindu way of life is put under scrutiny and casual judgements are passed in the name of progressiveness, morality and order. The laws that are being drafted are the most bigoted with the worst kinds of discrimination against the Hindus of India. The various alien invaders of Bharat would be proud of the glorious work carried by the SCB in routing the Hinduness of India.

The public action of all citizens is important and atleast should be similar. If in a public place the national song is clearly heard, then most of the citizens would stand still until the anthem is completed. If special people dear to the SCB kind do not stand up, then it is the morality of the citizens to ask the person to standup. The various national symbols represent the nation. How can any self respecting Indian tolerate any disrespect to the national symbol. If somebody asks to sing out the national anthem aloud, why should there be a problem.

The bigoted leaders of the freedom movement who have formed the earlier governments have removed the most venerated VandeMataram from its exhalted status to appease the dear ones of the SCBs. Now the SCB are granting permission to not give respect to individuals from all communities because it not written in the constitution. One thing people should ask the SCB, whether banning the crackers is written in the constitution or whether the banning of jallikattu is written in the constitution. The word morality is mostly used by the SCB to further and represent non-Hindu morals which include demographic invasion, religious intolerance, hate towards other groups, loyalty for foreign lands.

The SCB talking morality is a bit rich. The SCB can tell the Indians that they are not respectful of the various national monuments and hence have the right to seek respect to other symbols that represent India. The SCBs can claim that they are intervening to maintain dignity of the National anthem. We are the nation where 60% of the people do not want to hear a particular sound but the SCBs have had their tails tucked between their legs. The SCBs have no guts to take suo moto action against the world’s best child abusers who pose as the providers of education and care.

The SCBs should mind its business of interpreting the law (in the right spirit of Bharatiyata) given to it by the parliament. Instead of doing jugglery on the national anthem issue why not SCBs do their most lovable job, Ban the Anthem.

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