February 19, 2019

Barkha’s Fake Concerns


“In 2012, while pursuing a midcareer fellowship at Brown University….”

Dear Barkha, whatever your read anywhere on this planet, your heart beats for all that is anti-Indian and your Idea of India is Bharat Mata in a Burkha because nobody could prove to you that Burkha is inherently regressive and blah blah.

“I had interviewed several heads of state and global newsmakers over the years…”

Yup, we have seen you interview and most of them tanked in the elections just like the recent victim Hillary, Imran, Navaz etc. You seem to have a knack of picking the right people but that is a different matter. Who can forget your “North lawns” efforts in the USA?

“…….I had grown up adulating Aung San Suu Kyi for her nonviolent resistance, her soft-spoken steeliness and her personal suffering.”

Madam you have excelled your previous self when you say the above statement and in turn justifies my first comment above. You have used information violence against several people because you had the right connections. To refresh your memory, remember Kunte. You donot seem to profess personal suffering to the radical islamist terrorist and stone pelters but want all others to suffer to get your adulations. Barkhaji education does not give provide a broader mindset is proved from your ethics.

“…. Was Aung San Suu Kyi always more persona than person, more image than integrity, elevated to cult status by a breathless media narrative?”

You seem to believe that media created Aung and this only shows your own hypocrisy. Madam Barkha you visited Aungji to get an interview or there are some secret deals that you are hiding. The deals are your trade secrets and need not be put in public. Now back to the so called text book ethnic cleansing, it is a miracle that an educated women like you donot seem to be able to differentiate between the protecting the sovereignty of a nation and ethnic cleansing. Not one single eminent intellectual called out the bigotry of the Islamic nations’ treatment to non citizens and the ethnic cleansing happening in Myanmar.

“…… But those crushed by the might of the Burmese state are mostly ordinary people…..”

Ordinary people donot take weapons against the state unless they are targeted and the question no international organization s asking is “who started the war”. The war is usually started by the radical Muslims as it is happening in Kashmir, Bengal, Kerala and several places. The ideological support oozes from the public funded institutions like the communist dens like JNU and radical Islamic dens such as AMU. If ordinary people support the terrorists among them, then Karma comes back to the ordinary people and there is no escaping from it. Humans like as a society and community and community should have some internal checks and balances against the radicals.

“….. But in India, the land of Gandhi, the persecution of the Rohingya has brought home a test of conscience — and so far, like Aung San Suu Kyi, we are falling short.”

Madam Barkha not long ago you have called India a fascist nation where intolerance is increasing and many of your ilks have given away awards. We Indian Hindutva fascist lynch innocent muslims and hence please pay to the your favorite Islamic nation called Pakistan to accept the Rohingyas as they too were created by the grace of a bigot called Gandhi who is a great Humanitarian Feminist. Madam Barkhaji  you could ask the rich Arabs to take up a few Rohingyas to show how considerate they are. But Barkhaji you tend to forget that in the Islamic world, the women’s word is lot less than a man’s word and hence you have no value in the Radical Islamic schemes of things except to insult the Indians and Hindus.

“….. But other sections of the government have spoken of deporting the 40,000 Rohingya refugees already settled in India. …..”

Dear Humanatarian Barkha, since your heart aches for the Rohingyas, kindly write away all your personal wealth for the welfare of the Rohingyas and then we can see the extent to which your concerns are real. May be you might get a nobel like that idiot malala. India is the land of Indians and for the intolerant aliens there are several nations around because Barkhaji, you know more tolerant nations in our neighborhood than India.

“Rijiju is apoplectic about the criticism by the U.N. human rights chief Prince Zeid Al Hussein ……”

Rijijuji is not apologetic but asserting the rights of Indians because the Prince is all gas and oil and beyond that he dreams of Islamic Ummah. Let the alleged Prince take away all the rohingyas to his desert lands and feed them and give them proper care. Let there be actions instead of lectures by the so called UN Human Rights terrorists.

“….. Without hard evidence in the public domain about security risks associated with the Rohingya …..”

Madam Barkha it is a bit rich coming you about evidence because it doesnot matter to you. Did you forget the Radia tapes, the court cases of 2002, and fake stories you seem to create at the drop of a few things from powerful donors. There are times when we have to believe in a honest government like the one we have now and not news traders and evidence seekers like yourself. Sorry Barkha, you are not as noble and honest as you presume yourself to be.

“….. Women, children and infants are at the heart of a growing humanitarian crisis. ….”

Not our concern when this nation has been divided by muslims who thought they cannot live with Hindus and why should there be any concerns from Hindus for the muslims of other nations.

“Gandhi would have fasted for the Rohingya man.  Suu Kyi has failed the Mahatma.  India must not let him down.”

Gandhi would have been called molester by your liberals for his several views and kindly do not bring fake leaders into the debate when you have no sane arguments as to why the radical rohingyas be allowed into India. Mahatma has been failed by his own family members and his radical ideas has been paid in blood by thousands of Indians and Gandhi has a debt to pay to this nation and not the other way.

Let the Rohingya’s suffer their Karma of supporting bigots among them and undergo the due process of law of their lands. Unlike the fake Rights Terrorist Groups and U.N. Bigots the Karma does not discriminate any group.




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