April 21, 2019

BC (Before Currency) to AD (After Demonetisation)

The evening when PM Modiji announced Demonetisation will be remembered as a big day world over.

The reasons are many. To put them in two simple category, they are:

(1) Law abiding tax paying citizens who are in favor.

(2) And other who never thought that law can catch up with them, the ones who have build huge assets, that is termed as Black Money.

Ones who are in business can’t be seen but the ones who are in politics are clearly upset on AD and are most vocal.


The nation is with Demonetisation. No matter what SP, BSP, AAP, LEFT modi_3and congress do, time is up. Calling for Bandh to protest is a stupid idea.

Today the law abiding citizens are happy. The salaried class were always upset that they were the only ones who are compelled to pay taxes in the form of TDS.

After AD the tax payers are the happiest. Let the journey of cleaning the system continue.

Most vocal politicians and ones who are sitting on the fence are under close watch of the law abiding citizens. These are the politicians who could not afford a second hand Bajaj Super at one point in time.

Ones who have become billionaire overnight need to be taken to task. How the government will do it is a matter of great interest. There should be no Amnesty to politicians and their family.

Picture abhi baaki hai……….

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