April 24, 2019

BCCI: Money 1st, Nation Next

BCCI decision of playing Pakistan is nothing but greed for money. Players supporting BCCI, be it the existing team or the ex players from India are also answerable to the Nation. We have had enough of AMAN KI AASHA and TRACK 2 Diplomacy. There can’t be any justification for playing with Pakistan when they are beheading our martyred Army Officers and spreading terror much faster than cancer cells in the body.

BCCI contributes the maximum revenue and has no reason togive in to  diktats of ICC.

One has to remember in 2009 Lalit Modi shifted IPL matches to South Africa after the government did not give security assurance. You don’t go against the Nation for money. But reality is it’s money money and money from top to bottom. Be it heads of each state cricket board or BCCI. Politicians who never played cricket in life are part of the lobby. Cricketers who keep changing their stand on India Pakistan issue are part of the Territorial Army. Any cricketer who is supporting playing with Pakistan should be stripped of the Uniform. They don’t deserve this honor.

India captain MS Dhoni 02

kapil dev territorial army

BJP MP Anurag Thakur is another unique person. His statement changed only after pressure from social media. Though he tried his level best to ignore it.



BJP a party that says Nation First should have removed him from the party itself. But then we are ordinary Bhakt and have only a limited place on social media share our opinion. However, better sense prevailed then. NaMO and Amit Shah should get rid of such people from the party.



But the issue remains the same. Why such players, BCCI and ones in BJP be spared?




Let us check the past as well to understand how money speaks? I leave the decision to draw conclusion to readers.

BCCI always wanted to have monopoly. This lead to black listing of all cricketers who had joined ICL. In Sep 2008 BCCI was accused of not paying to ICL players. In Feb 2009 BCCI accused Kapil of match fixing. In High Court Delhi case was filed for stopping pension of cricketers who joined ICL. In May 2012 BCCI gave cheques of 1.5 crores to all ex cricketers except Kapil Dev. Kapil did not apologize. July 24, 2012 Kapil Dev met BCCI chairman in Mumbai after his regignation from ICL. Patch up formula was worked and amnesty granted to him. 1.5 crore paid to Kapil.

IMG_20170604_081711Bollywood keeps taking actors from Pakistsan as if there is no talent in Bangladesh if at all they have an urge to take actors from neighboring country. And what do we get in return?



NaMo has too many big and small tasks on hand. He need to ask the Home Ministry to step in and cancel the India pak match. If they go ahead with it BCCI should be scrapped.

Free hand to run the show is important but when an organisation is not willing to put NATION FIRST, it is  time Government steps in. To take this important call and also leave an exemplary memory in the mind of players, actors and anyone who wants to earn brownie points at the cost of the nation, we need to go back in 1974.

IMG_20170604_080957India refused to play South Africa in Davis Cup Final. It was a rare occasion to win a an important title. But nation came first. India made it stand clear on Apartheid policy.

Singing national anthem is not an activity. It is an experience. It is an oath. It is matter of Pride and Commitment to tell oneself and the rest that you will live and die for the Honor of your Country. Today when the cricket team sings the National Anthem, what emotion will they have? 

BCCI, Players who have surrendered to it and everyone associated with BCCI have let us down. Your loyalty is with MONEY. Greed for money is explicit. We are a nation of 125 crore plus. If the fear of loss of revenue was so big than we would have chipped in and given the money to BCCI as charity.

For BBCI: Money 1st, Nation Next. For us Nation First and Last, money is a by product.


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