May 24, 2019

Bekar’s Rohingya Concerns

“…. They usually have similar physical features. They are small, thin and dark.”

If this statement by Bekar is made in Western Press he would be called Racist but that is a different matter altogether. Bekar tells that a few European nations is filled Bangladeshi immigrants of a particular type and no wonder attacks on women are also increasing. Hopefully the type Bekar mentions has nothing to do with the issue.

“….. This meant cleaning rooms and doing the sort of work that middle class Indians would never do. Ownership of places is something that only few Patidars in the US enjoy. …”

Bekar you were right when you say that men from poor backgrounds work hard doing small tasks and it is because they donot own Buruj Kalifa or other petro companies or large palaces in Vatican. When you say Indian in the above sentence, we know who are aiming because we know your type too well. Please come back to india and see the various hotels, motels and other places after you exhaust your pocket money paid by some foreign agencies. Bekar, you shall notice the middle class Indians working here.

“….. The war in West Asia was begun by the United States and Britain and then joined in by other European nations like France. However, they have almost washed their hands of the consequences of their actions. …..”

The war may be started by some western nations for control of resources but is sustained because of the religious intolerance between the various groups of radical Islamists. Hence the war is now self sustaining machine getting resources from group or another. Terrorists are created remotely via distance education mode and training provided in a neighboring country. Terrorist actions are glorified by a particular type of people under the grab of poverty and a fantasy victimhood narrative.

“….. Is it because we view their religion in a particular light? …”

This large scale violence is happening only because of a radical ideology and there is nobody to question this ideology. Those who dare to question are beheaded, stabbed or killed while the Rights terrorists and Humanitarian Organizations enjoy their rich scotch while living in ivory towers.

“…. Do we think, as our government seems to think, that these people are a terror threat only because they are Muslims? …..”

When the bigoted supporters of the rohingyas who are Indians can plan attack our temples and symbols of our nation in retaliation to the events happening in Myanmar how can we trust these refugees. The Muslims’ conduct leads to suspicion when they tend to use violence as a way to get what they want. Times change quickly and when the radical Muslims get paid back in kind, they play the victimhood card ably supported by the Rights terrorists. The modern digital world has a long memory.

“….. As a great democracy, we must be responsible and uphold the rights of those who come to us seeking shelter. Everything in the Hindu faith tells us that this is obligatory upon us. We will be total hypocrites if we take pride in the immigrant Indian communities (many of whose individuals are illegal immigrants) but look at immigrants from other nations as terrorists and “aliens”. …..”

Bekarji, to refresh your memory we are not a Hindu country but a secular country and nobody is above secularism. Our constitution gives equality to all citizens and the government is not responsible for non citizens even if one radical section wants them, it is not legally allowed. If illegal Indian immigrant communities are present in several nations, they do not indulge in mindless violence and try to seek different laws or favors. Rohingya’s are aliens and they are to be deported and if they are Muslims, it is not the problem of India.

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