May 21, 2019

Believe in Yourself

22ndMay 2016, it seemed as if everything is over and all my dreams were shattered because I couldn’t clear the so called most prestigious entrance exam for a non-medical student i.e. the “Joint Entrance Exam”. I had dedicated two years of my life preparing for the JEE but sadly all went in vain, this was what I felt in the initial days after the exam got over, I started snapping at others, everything felt meaningless, including my previous accomplishments and that had given life a meaning. Anything that gave me a sense of value or self-esteem vanished, I was in a state that caused me to feel irredeemably unlovable, and I started assuming that everyone has abandoned me or would soon abandon me.

Seeing my friends getting into top IIT’s while I was unable to get into one, made me feel more devastated. I had these feelings for days, days turned into weeks and weeks into months. I had reached a point in my life where I started to even question my own credibility and was becoming incorrigible.

To all the readers I ask a question, that what I was doing to myself, did it really matter??

Certainly not, there is no point in reminiscing over something which was never in your hand. You tried your best to achieve something but somewhere down the line things didn’t come in place. A person would never believe in himself until and unless he doesn’t stop comparing himself to others.

The most over rated things in India are cricket, Kapil Sharma and of course the IIT tag. No offence, they are great but there is much more in life than just these. Life is something that provides you with opportunities, it is you who needs to grasp them with open arms, remember opportunities knock only once and one should be ready to count on it and more importantly believe in yourself. No matter how many obstacles come your way, you as a person should be ready to fight the odds. Whenever you’re disappointed in something you could not achieve, that feeling of frustration may bleed into general dissatisfaction with yourself as a whole; on the contrary self-disappointment does nothing but further quash your motivation and blow off the fire of zeal and faith in yourself.

As human beings we naturally have the tendency to get stuck on the negatives and think about all our losses for the day, instead of counting our wins and finding all of the good that took place. This will bring you a complete sense of joy that will let you know that you have done some incredible things in the past and remind you that even bigger things can happen in the future.

Whether big or small, it doesn’t matter — Just Count your Wins!

Remember if you can suffer through setbacks, through pain, Rise up with resilience once again, and again, and again! One day this world will tap you on the shoulder and say, “This is your time mate”. You just have to believe!! Time is something precious, whether good or bad, it has to change so give your best shot and things will automatically fall in place.

And for the IIT aspirants, focus on your goals, believe in yourself, give your best shot but remember that, A MERE PAPER WILL NOT DECIDE YOUR FUTURE, IT IS YOU WHO DECIDES IT.

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