April 20, 2019

Bharat Mata ki Jai. Modi Sarkar turns 2 Today.



I look back with a great sense of satisfaction to this day in 2014, millions of Indians at home and abroad celebrated, once the general election results started pouring in, early trends itself established beyond doubt, Bjp would romp home comfortably on its own. other than Mr Minhaz Merchant, none managed to predict the outcome correctly, for most of the persons in Media, it did not suit their agenda to accept the hard fact, Indians were solidly behind NaMo and what was a wave to start with had gathered so much of momentum ,it had become a tsunami , which decimated all the opposition parties. Reduced congress to mere  44, BSP to a zilch, SP could barely manage to hold onto the seats of the owners of the party. Uttar Pradesh delivered the most emphatic result in favour of BJP congress heaved a sigh of relief when it’s ruling deity and shazada were declared elected from their respective constituencies.

Many in Congress found reason to avoid contesting the election, probably they had sensed the public mood early enough, but lacked courage to inform  their high command of the impending decimation, which did happen. The new kid on the block AAP manage a mere 4seats from 428 seats that it contested.

Today is that day when opposition parties are rubbing salt into their wounds. Every trick under the sun has been attempted and failed. Media stand as discredited as do the corrupt secular brigade.  Social Media is not making life any easier for the “Axis of Evil” everyday a new individual is being projected and promoted in  a futile hope of stopping the juggernaut of development that has been unleashed by the BJP lead NDA  government.

Many worthies were unable to restrain themselves and allowed the venom in them to flow freely.

Their immaturity is all recorded in the screenshots which are posted below for the visitors to read









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