March 22, 2019

Bicycle Thieves: Whose Script Is It ?

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With so much drama unfolding in the political arena, filmmakers like Prakash Jha would be counting their blessings. There is no dearth of inspiration. With Arjun Rampal and Sajid-Wajid’s entry into BJP, Jha just needs to use BHIM app for money and a film would be ready. I am still wondering why Jackie Shroff was taken into BJP. Is BJP trying to use Tiger Shroff, Jackie Shroff’s son, as Priyanka in upcoming elections? Since Rahul has been BJP’s best campaigner in elections, I guess using Tiger Shroff as Priyanka would just enhance poll prospects. Prakash Jha’s films have lacked humor quotient. Hard hitting realism has been his hallmark. This time around Tejpratap and Tejasvi Yadav have given enough fodder for humor. On January 1st 2017, Tejpratap was playing flute surrounded by cows in Patna. He tried to pull up a Krishna act but failed. The cows did not budge. The cows were upset because their fodder was taken away. Let’s give Jha liberty to spin his own story.

Enough of cycling around. Why there is no end to the Cycle Conundrum”? Who is stealing the show? Did Akhilesh or RamGopal hire someone from Christopher Nolan’s script writing team? The twists and turns are unprecedented. Quite possible. If Akhilesh could hire Gerald Austin, Democratic Party Advisor, for UP elections, hiring Nolan’s scriptwriters for an orchestrated coup is feasible. Nolan is currently working on “Dunkirk” a period film on World War II. The scheming and plotting in UP can very well inspire Nolan to do a Danny Boyle and who knows we might see a movie called “Bicycle Thieves”. Slumdog Millionaire got Oscars for India. “Bicycle Thieves” can be another opportunity to get Oscars. A special screening of the movie can be conceptualized at “Saifai Mahotsav”. Its high time Saifai should go global. Any guesses who could do a Meryl Streep like speech when “Bicycle Thieves” wins an Oscar? The answer is: Sadhana Gupta!. Meryl Streep lambasted Trump at the Golden Globe Awards. Sadhana could train her guns on RamGopal Yadav for being Amit Shah Agent.

Is Amit Shah being “The Godfather”? Did he make an offer which cannot be refused? In “Inception” a spinning top was the totem to find out whether one was in dream or reality. In “Bicycle Thieves”, cycling around in circles would be the totem. So, how would anyone differentiate between dream and reality in “Bicycle Thieves?” Well, if the Samajwadi riding the bicycle hits one of Azam Khan’s buffaloes and falls, that’s when reality hits back. Realistically speaking, who would get to ride the bicycle? Election Commission would reveal on January 13th. Will the father-son duo fly kites together on January 14th? Only time can tell. Till that time, just enjoy the prospect of Bicycle Thieves winning an Oscar. Lagaan could not get an Oscar. Trust Samajwadis to get for us this time. Before I close, I support Ram Gopal for getting Lifetime Achievement Award for getting sacked most number of times in a single year.

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