March 19, 2019

BIG Names: Then and Now

Media labeled Vijay Malaya a King of good times…

.…See where have you landed him…

Media labeled Rahul Gandhi as “Heir” and a Yuvraj.

….See where have you landed him with disgraceful 44..

Media labeled Gandhi family as the ” First” family..

.…See where have they landed in corruption round their neck.

Media labeled Modi the most hated man and all efforts were to Malign him.

….See where have you landed him..

Media labeled Chidambaram as most effective Finance  Minister..

….See where has he landed…

Media described Man Mohan Singh as Most Honest man..

….See where has he landed himself with Coal, 2G and more…

Media prospected Nitish as an alternative to Modi..

….See where has he landed…

Media labeled Shah Rukh Khan a ” Badshah”

….See where people have brought him on train to promote films…

Media Labeled Nehru as ” Cahcaha”..

….See whey all is being disclosed and his follies..

Media was trying to prove Arnab as the biggest villain of media.

….See where has he landed…

Media was all ga ga about NDTV

.…See where has he landed with CBI, IT raids.

More yet to come 

Picture Credit:Freepik