April 24, 2019

Bio Data Bank

The word BANK gets attention of anyone. Yes BANK is an integral part of the livelihood. It is associated with money, savings and at times loans even.

There are other kind of BANK that are known to masses, these are related to health care like Blood Bank.

1 Ka Dum Foundation has taken the initiative of creating Bio Data Bank of all associated with Defense Services.

  • Family of Martyr’s
  • Retired Defense Staff and their Family members

We need support of all to spread the word. This would assist us in reaching out to the deserving job seekers. At times you may come across someone who is not comfortable in making a good Bio Data. Please assist them and send Bio Data to us.

We are not assuring jobs. We are creating opportunities with Private Sector companies to consider the Bio Data from ex defense staff and their family to be taken on priority as and when they have an opening.

The companies that take candidates from recruitment agency and pay 8.33% of the CTC will be asked to pay the same amount once the candidate is taken from our Data Bank and this amount will be paid to Army Welfare Fund, PMO relief fund or any other central government fund that the corporate wishes to pay. 1 Ka Dum Foundation is no where involved in any financial transaction in this initiative.

My personal appeal, Please join us in this initiative. Our efforts may get jobs for handful but your support in terms of time to spread the message would create unbelievable results.

Thanks for your time.

Swati Ojha

Managing Trustee

1 Ka Dum Foundation

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She is also Consulting HR professional.

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