April 23, 2019

BJP: Keeping Congress on Toes

No matter what congress may do and think, the reality is a person who took the credit of winning 2004 and 2009 general elections had to run from pillar to post along with his bunch of MLAs. This is a political party that boastfully claims to be the savior of Democracy and forgets that they are ones who imposed emergency and till their last term in office could not give ROTI KAPDAA MAKAAN.

Playing dirty is their birth right. Three consecutive terms of Narendra Modi in Gujrat, despite MSM along with congress did little damage to BJP. Narendra Modi went on to become Prime Minister.

Nationalists over the years used to enjoy the speech of Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley in Parliament. With Amit Shah now in Rajya Sabha, RWs are in for real treat. Congress as always will have to go back to drawing board to find a new campaign to run Pan India. Time is running fast and BJP has been proactive under able strategies of Amit Shah. Be it North East or Kerala or Tamil Nadu, BJP is now in full throttle mode.

The takeaways from Ahmed Patel episode are many. This is the first time that the winning party would have a back room meeting to understand why and how the matter went out of control. And every time congress would discuss, it would not be without Amit Shah ‘s name. 

Congress will have to be watchful of what they do in Rajya Sabha now on. Their favorite presiding officer is not their to adjourn the house as when they wanted. Walk out will not help either. Dr Swamy is keeping the house alive with his attendance record and outside with his court cases and excellent follow up on various cases against Congress.

Congress ship is sinking, with Shia Waqf board supporting Ram Janmabhoomi for Ram Mandir, it is another set back for fake secularist party. Hiding facts is a bad habit and criminal offence. Not willing to share documents on National Herald case is a crime in itself. Sunanda case is now back on track. All these are big and small holes in Congress ship.

Some Captains  abandon the sinking ship and some have registered their names in history for remaining on it till the last. Time will tell what the Congress Captain does.

Picture Credit: Amit Shah


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