April 24, 2019

BJP needs a Maino not Modi

It has been the greatest joke in Indian politics and also widely accepted that MMS was remotely controlled by Maino, the Queen of a special class of citizens. Too many searches were conducted to find a similar robot who could be remotely controlled by the prince. But the prince never seemed to be interested in using the remote as he had his own agenda of playing and making the depressed nation happy with wit. The prince was good at whatever he tried but the intolerant Queen always had other plans for the Prince.

The Princess wanted the blessings of the Queen but was sidelined for some mysterious reasons. The princess tried every beauty trick that she could to get some divine blessings but everything seem to have failed and the princess now seem to be satisfied with the millions of her husband king. The interval cold war between the Prince and Princess is only a matter of legends and both excel in their ways. The Princess was bestowed with vast tracts of lands which were beyond the reach of the habitants of the land. Similar to the Shivagami or Bahubaali, Maino’s word is the law.

It is a common belief that power comes from numbers and this belief has made one class of beings to multiply rapidly with the sole purpose of gaining numerical superiority. But what the habitants belonging to the queen’s land forget is that even with no numerical superiority these classes of special citizens have control over the affairs of the land. Maino’s queen has her hear granted to these special classes of citizens and whose writ runs throughout the land. Everyone bows to the Maino queen irrespective of stature or personality.

Fed up of the Queen Maino’s intolerance and cruelty and the untold sufferings, the habitants gave the power to some mythical hero in the hope of getting their lives back. The people now realized that it is not the amount of power a person holds but the amount of power one is willing to wield to deliver on the promises made. This is where no man or woman could stand in comparison to the Maino Queen. She has wielded disproportionate power than what she had by a simple act of locking up a individual. The fear induced in the habitants of this land has made them to accept her every whim and paid tributes without question.

People believed that they could revolt against the Maino by rallying behind the little King but the habitants are in for a huge surprise. The little King has no interest in fighting the queen because he feels it is not his job. In Ramayana, Lord Rama played by the rules to establish Dharma. In the next yuga Lord Krishna broke rules with the ultimate goal of establishing Dharma. In the current Kali yuga, the leader or the King has a duty to do more than breaking rules to establish Dharma. Going by the Peter’s Principle, little King cannot do this act. The habitants have to wait to find the one who is ruthless enough to wield the power to establish Dharma.

But in the current times Queen Maino rules the land inspite. To put in the right context, the BJP needs RSS-Maino not Chaiwalla-Modi to accomplish certain tasks.

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