May 24, 2019

BJP needs to do the Basics Right

mix of speaking and listening

High and low are part and parcel of life. When we are in politics and part of it, this is a routine. There are breakdown and no one keeps sticking to it, they do find a break through. If we fail to find the break through, then nature and circumstances force us to find one.

There is one more angle to the recent burning issues. And this is overdoing development discussions. The government has to understand development is not antidote to all issues. No one has doubt on development, it is seen and it is felt no matter what the opposition may say.

The root cause of the problem and outburst of one section of RW is elsewhere. For this we need to go in flashback. Right from the day PM took oath the problem started. Handful of BJP social media team appeared giving close up smile appeared in a newspaper as the team that helped BJP come to power. So what were crores of people all across India doing? Then MoU of ministry of textiles, unwanted sermon on gau raksha, zero action against news traders, no update or action on A to Z scams, just lip service on consistent Hindu killings in West Bengal and Kerala, arrogance of MP, MLA, CMs and cabinet ministers, thousands of schools being closed down because of RTE. List is long. This is just an indicative mention. 2G verdict just gave the opportunity to open up. RWs want NaMo lead government to be there for three terms to fix all problems. After doing all the hard work we can’t be audience to damage being done. No matter how senior the BJP leader is, if they are not performing they need to be sidelined. If someone enjoys running to a favorite TV channel they better be given full opportunity, why provoke the RWs who burn midnight oil.

Going forward right from Karnataka to all states and then in 2019 BJP has to do the basic to keep winning and more so to maintain the support and confidence of the RWs.

RWs are friends of BJP and they are not paid. Rather they spend money and personal time. They work in isolation and small groups. They have their own way of supporting BJP and NaMo. Therefore, the RWs hardly speak in one voice but they share common goals. Lot of creative work was done by RWs. There are three different ground level work that stands out and now is the time for NaMo and Amit Shah to implement the same if they find value in it.

The first one is Tweet Up. This was started by Anil Kohli and rolled in different parts of India. BJP leaders come as an audience and listen to the well wishers. They speak their heart out. Any seminar where BJP leaders speak and the audience clap is of zero value. We don’t have to listen to your achievement, we know them all. It is the grassroot level issues and solutions that people wants to communicate. Allow each person to speak for few minutes, make a note and insert it in your manifesto.

Brainstorming Sessions is second exercise. Here again let RWs come and debate. This is for getting a bigger picture and understanding of what people think, how they support their cause and the solutions they have to a problem. These are spread over two days stay.

Third is NaMo T Party: These are at micro level to engage much smaller groups. These are targeted at introducing first time voters or someone who is not a BJP voter but open to discuss.

Most importantly time is still there, PM and Amit Shah needs to ask all their MP, MLA, CM and Cabinet ministers to start reverting to various issues on social media. They can’t be more busy than the PM. They can’t keep on winning on NaMo’s name.

The hard fact that BJP has to understand is it is on winning track just because of NaMo and this can’t continue for long. All leaders need to go amongst the masses in whatever way they can. Time is running out. Basics can help turn the fortunes.

So called BJP social media and IT cell has no creativity and no sense of urgency. Worst is they are not even reactive when time comes. Everyone busy taking credit. There are RWs who have unique expertise and if you see them in totality BJP can do wonders. BJP supporters are unwilling to let go of this hard won victory  and opportunity, single minded focus is minimum 3 terms in office, to change India irreversibly. Is it wrong to aspire for such an objective?

Picture Credit: Anil Kohli and Shailesh Tiwari




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