May 19, 2019

BJP subtle message for 2019

The announcement of INR 500 crore “Devalaya Punnarauthana Fund” for restoration and renovations of temples and mathas. Ensure that all bodies formed to administer Hindu religious institutions will consist solely of members of the Hindu community is an important step to expect agenda for 2019.

With due regards to other religions, Hindus have been at the receiving end for years. Individuals and various groups have been raising voice of concern and finally it has paid rich dividends.


Two serious concerns for the Hindus who love to play liberal should be good enough for now. Samajwadi Party is known for appeasing a particular community and they had appointed Azam Khan as the incharge of Allahabad Kumbh.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Trust appointed dozens of non Hindus recently.

The point is, the appeasement has to be in limits and should not spoil habits and make citizens overrun the majority community. SECULAR was never part of the original constitution. It was added later. Barring what Sardar Patel did despite Nehru’s opposition we have never seen any thing happening for Hindu temples restoration and renovations. Anyway time to look forward.

Though the announcement “Devalaya Punnarauthana Fund” is for Karnataka election but the majority has got a ray of hope in rest of Bharat. In 2019,  the majority will expect the same to appear in the Election Manifesto of BJP with some additional points- Reopen cases of loot (fund and antiques)  in temples across India, keep all earnings transparent and for the welfare of financially weak Hindus.

Pic Credit: Twitter BJP Karnataka


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