May 23, 2019

 Black Coats Whisperers

Black Coats term used to indicate all those people who wear the dress and work for the nation called India. Whisperers are the persons who whisper. The combination of these two set of people make for a fascinating case study.

Much has been written about the bigotry and safe playing attitude of the several of the public servants. But the Black Coats top them in every category because of two issues:

  • The power a black coat holds is disproportionate with respect to what they are accountable for. Some mighty individuals have called them unelectable but in reality these are selected by a highly secretive system which nobody in the country can seek account of. There are no checks and balances to this secretive system and only god knows the kinds of dealings that happen to get selected.
  • The final word in most issues in this country and for the rest of the issues the gods of a few radicals give the final word. Since most of the people of this country donot follow the special gods, the black coats have the final words even on the gods of the citizens. But these black coats donot want to be the final word the gods of a special few and these black coats submit themselves to these gods.

The Black Coats play joke on the citizens of this nation that too at our expenses. There may be many good black coats but one single fault can devastate the lives of a billion people and this has happened more often. The Black Coats are always guided in the right path by some unseen forces which can be collectively called Whisperers. The Black Coats wear a lens which makes them read the various laws depending on the god that a person believes in. The makers of the constitution would be Rolling On the Floor Crying (ROFC) seeing the way the Black Coats have been doing their jobs lately.

Lets us now see what the Black Coats and their Whisperers want in the following issues:

  • Rohignya Issue: Majority of the Indian citizens want these radical rohignyas to be deported. The Whisperers want them to be given permanent refugee status so that Gandhi would be happy. The Black Coats would mostly likely prolong the case to such an extent that the children of Rohingyas would kick out the regular native citizens of the place. This will happen in one generation because the Rohingyas are radicals and they are radical Muslims. The radical Muslims have always attacked their own people in every country they have settled over one issue or another.
  • Ryan School: Majority of the Indians want the management be held responsible and punished. The Whisperers want the driver to be punished and the management be let off because the management cannot be held responsible for the fault of the employees. The Black coats have let off uphar theatre owners because it was not their fault and they are yet to decide on the bigoted rapist of jyothi singh case. The black coats have been angelic to several child rapists and child killers and the driver of the Ryan School would also be let off.
  • Ram Temple Case: Majority of the Indians want a grand Ram temple be built because the temple existed in that place. The Whisperers want no solution for this problem and the case be prolonged for some more time till the demographics change a bit more. The Black Coats shall twist the case to such an extent that a temple shall not be allowed even if all the parties come to an agreement to build the temple.

The Whisperers from the above three examples want the Black coats to work based on Gods of the citizens. The Black Coats have always taken one step further to punish the people based on their Gods and also to make sure that the citizenry are graded based on their Gods. The Whisperers want little but the Black Coats are happy to offer more.

The question then remains: What are the Whispers about?

Picture Credit:  Zee News



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