May 23, 2019

#BlackScreen: What Rubbish?


Rubbish kumar has always held journalistic standards. His “Black Screen” act was the high point. His brother Brajesh’s involvement in sex racket should shake Rubbish’s conscience. Will the “Black Screen” return?


Possibility of rubbishing conspiracy theory is higher. If a similar incident were to occur involving a BJP guy, Rubbish Kumar analysis would have had elements of journalistic brilliance.

Shouldn’t he take help of “Mime” artists if he is too tongue tied to speak about heroism of his brother? Rubbish Kumar’s hands are tied. Demonetisation has hit artists hard. They aren’t available. Its sad that Rubbish Kumar cannot do justice to his profession thanks to Modi’s monumental failure called Demonetisation.

Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter, thanks to all tweeples.



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