April 26, 2019

Blame Modi Competition

Blaming Modi is nothing new.

What is new is the innovation in Blaming him. While the blaming by entire opposition goes full throttle the factual side when dug by nationalists on social media is not taken up by News Traders.

There are few occasions when nationalists are lucky.


Mamta di has issues with Army deployed in parts of West Bengal. The state police echoes her concern on social media. 


Arvind Kejriwal has competition with Didi and Rahul. 



Then there are Unsung Hero of Opposition who are hell bent to prove India is a Banana Republic.



Now that Modiji has asked his MP and MLA to disclose their transaction, the issue is that all this is drama…. arrey bhaai jaan logey kya. 

What else should he do?


The competition is without deadline and will take ugly turn as UP elections gets near. The grand finale would be 2019. Until then enjoy the frustration of the opposition.

Picture Credit: Screenshots from social media and WhatsApp. Thanks to all friends.



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