April 26, 2019

“Blame Responsibly – Modi not responsible for all Damn Things”

Children Bank of India

Main janta ka Sevak hoon – MODI

atmThis sounds great and it makes sense to approach him when there is extreme emergency or he can be kept in cc list depending on the emergency. But asking him to revert without going through the escalation matrix and that too when he is not responsible remotely should be avoided.

Case in point is Children Bank currency notes of INR 2000 denomination found in an ATM of State Bank of India.

A major percentage of the ATMs of all private and public sector banks are serviced by outsourced agency. There are mainly two types of services and a thorough due diligence is done before such decisions are taken.

(1) Cash Replenishment

(2) ATM Maintenance

(1) Cash Replenishment is nothing but filling the ATM machines with sufficient cash depending on the usage. There are companies in India that have infrastructure for this kind of requirement. They have staff that goes through police verification for their past records. Apart from the staff that handles the cash, the Gunmen as they call in the industry also goes through the same process (there have been some cases in the past where the gunmen had fake license, police took action for that).

The staff that goes in the vehicle has to maintain record of cash taken from the premises and cash replenished in ATM location wise. However, if there is an issue where the said type of currency notes are found, it is very easy for the agency and the bank to figure out who exactly did the mischief. Probably as I write the concerned staff would be in police custody.

Friends please blame Responsibly. In fact I would go one step ahead and say don’t blame. Give solutions and request wherever required. Highlighting the problem is not crime but a solution along with it makes the difference.

After all he is the PM and not a person to be called at the press of a button.

On purpose not writing anything on (2) Maintenance as this would be out of context to the main point we are discussing.

We had written about ATM fraud earlier as well. You will find some useful tips in article.

Sharing the same once again.

ATM Fraud – How to Avoid

Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter, thanks to all.


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