April 23, 2019

Blaming the Twins

The lazy intellectuals who give their two tea spoons of gyan over various issues seem to be at loss of words over the recent by poll results. These intellectuals are so over joyed with the loss of the BJP and are displaying their empty headedness. In order to give credit to worthless secular politicians the lazy intellectuals would not think twice before linking the victory to something that happened a decade before. The lazy intellectuals have done it in the past as they had linked every failure of BJP to the 2002 Hindu backlash to the Muslim aggression. A large number of citizens have fallen prey to the tactics of the lazy intellectuals. To bury someone twice is not possible.

The lazy intellectuals have now found Twin reasons to link every failure of the BJP. Weather it is the twin financial reforms done by the Modi government for the improvement of the health of the economy of Bharat or it is the twin Hindutva issues of Cow protection and Hindutva (equality of law for all citizens). The Twin issues are sued as the useful punching bags of the lazy intellectuals. If anyone has even an iota of self respect then they would not do the pathetic task of linking alternate election results to the two reforms. Either every result is a consequence of the reforms or no result is the consequence of the reforms. The lazy intellectuals “want to have the cake and eat it too”.

The public seem to be have matured over the politics played by the various political groups and seem to be electing a candidate who would best serve them. There is no collective ganging up of the voters and there is no collective consciousness which make the voters to provide only 2000 vote margin victories to one party or 5lakh victory margin to a particular party. There is no collective consciousness of the voters which make them to give a massive mandate or a wafer thin majority to a particular party in a given polls. Only in a wave type of elections where there is a popular sentiment can there be a movement of the opinion of the electors’ towards a particular party.

In the last general elections, it seems the people have been fed up of the massive corruption of the UPA government resulting in a massive mandate to the BJP and other issues could be the internal security environment and the anti-incumbency of the government in power.

In the UP elections the people seem to have been fed up of the casteist and religious politics played by the yadav clan of politicians destroying the social fabric of the state resulting in the rout of the party in power. Most of the people seem to believe that BJP would provide a better security environment and have voted in favor of the party.

In the Tripura elections, most of the voters seem to have fed up of the murderous Communist policies who have kept the state in a state of poverty. The hard work and smart campaign of the BJP seem to have convinced the voters that BJP would give better governance and this has led to the rout of the communist government in the state of Tripura.

In Delhi elections people continued to be in euphoria of having AAM government and inspite of voting for BJP in general elections, people wanted to give a chance to a promising government. It is another matter that the people had a full time reality show for years together and now have ended up with an egg of their capital faces. It should not be a surprise if Arvind kejriwal returns to power again.

In Bihar elections, the BJP could not convince why Nitish was a bad administrator and people believed that Nitish could manage the anti-social behavior of the Lalu loyalists and have voted for his grouping instead of the BJP and the BJP was defeated in the elections. It is another matter that Nitish failed in controlling rowdy elements of the Lalu gang and has again teamed up with the honorable BJP party.

In between the polls listed above in non chronological order, there were several other polls that happened where the BJP won some and lost some and nothing can be either directly linked to the twin financial reforms nor be clearly said that the twin reforms did not affect the electoral results. People in our times are saner when it comes to the state of governance. It is no use to keep blaming the twin financial reforms or the cows instead of understanding the mind of the voters. The average mind of the voter still has a preference of caste when everything is going good for him and his mind tilts towards safety and security when the going gets tough. The people are seeing BJP as the party of governance which is supposed to set right the issues and then the caste, religious feelings seem to overpower the minds and BJP will be packed out of the power. How long this cycle repeats determine the prosperity of the Hindus of this nation.

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