March 19, 2019

Blessed with BLESSINGS Bed & Breakfast in Jaipur

Business has no limits. As long as a person is vigilant to the needs a solution can be created and offered to the market. 

Here is an amazing story of a couple who added one more vertical to their existing business.

We both Subodh i & Meenaxi Tyagi are basically working in the field of International Logistics. Being in this field since long we have been handling various types of Shipments since quiet some time and gradually have specialised in handling Foreign Film Shooting Projects visiting various places in India for their shootings here and Rajasthan is one of the hot favourites for them.

While catering to their logistic need, we had often noticed that many of Foreign visitors were not really comfortable with in their  Hotels as they wanted some personalised services, instead of professional plastic smiles of Hotel Staff.

At times, they also needed privacy to work late nights on their projects, so they also hired private houses but it was seldom that they could find a well furnished house with all the basic facilities. Moreover, looking for some nearby places to stay for the Drivers of the visitors was always a problem

f88f7141-de90-48c8-bc0d-3e54104a469cThis situation lead us to think of setting up a staying place with all the basic facilities which could be an option for them and also for other domestic visitors to Jaipur who are looking for such personalised places. So we visited the Office of Rajasthan Tourism in Jaipur and came to know that the Government of Rajasthan already had such scheme for the Visitors to get Bed and Breakfast accommodations, which provides the Foreign Visitors a good opportunity acquaint the Culture and family values more closely.

We then further worked on it and found that the Bed and Breakfast establishments getting more & more popular & spreading fast in all over India since last few years.

We already had  our own house in Jawahar Nagar Colony at Tonk Road and the location being in a Central location, between International Airport and famous Mirza Ismail Road of Jaipur, which is a very convenient and suitable

Eventually, weconstructed 2 more floors added to our single storey house and got it furnished tastefully to start our own Bed and Breakfast establishment in year 2012, which is popularly known today as BLESSINGS in Jaipur City (running under approval 3a7b2cf5-bcb6-4c3f-a255-03603b8f4c5bcertified by Rajasthan Tourism which is renewed every year.)

We now cater to and provide our services for most comfortable accommodations to our guests in a very friendly and genuinely concerned environment, to the extent of guiding them to right places for shopping and also look after them if they sometimes get unwell.

The guests are accommodated in private bedrooms or in a suite of rooms including an en suite bathroom. Breakfast is served in the dining room. A common Lobby is provided for Guests to mingle and sharing togetherness.

Free Wi-fi and Free access to Computer & Printer is provided to Guests for E-mails, desired Net Surfing & Prints to meet their needs during travelling.

As a rare facility, the Drivers of the Guests are also provided Free of Cost place for  proper rest, so that next day the Guests are driven more safely & comfortably.

Our Room Tariffs are very reasonable and affordable, inclusive of Morning Tea and Breakfast.

Further we feel that it is mandatory for us all to know about how this concept came into existence, so here is a brief account as below:

History of Bed and Breakfast

The concept of Bed and Breakfast is relatively new to India but not to the rest of the world. In fact it’s one of the oldest ways of providing lodging and boarding in the yesteryears. Bed and Breakfast in India came in the year 2005 approximately but with 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, it gained prominence not only in the Indian Circuit but worldwide too. The Government went ahead to grant many Indian families with stipulated and state of the art infrastructure to offer tourists, the concept of Bed and Breakfast.

It became a hit instantly specially among the tourists and they started promoting this new found love in India among their circles. The very idea of offering budget accommodation to tourists gave people an alternative to do away from expensive hotels to interact much closer, in an informal way with the host’s family. With 20101 Delhi Commonwealth Games being a success story for many hosts offering their Bed and Breakfasts, it has now mushroomed in every city of tourist importance in India.

0f9778fd-ec11-448a-8aa1-1f1b633c54a3If one digs into the history of lodging and boarding it takes you to Europe. After the World War II got over and economies crumbled, the soldiers were waiting to get back home, during this period the families offered their space to the soldiers in lieu of money to strengthen their financial needs. And what did the soldiers get ?

They got a cozy bed along with a stomach full of Breakfast and an advice on local sight seeing places. Probably this is how the facility of lodging and boarding came to be known as Bed and Breakfast. This idea of providing BnB services to Soldiers, led to a ripple effect and brought back many travellers, and thus the business began to flourish. This trend is now widely accepted across the continent and serves the purpose of ever friendly hosts by supplementing their income according the number of rooms and Infrastructure available.

The ascent of Bed and Breakfast in India was launched by the government of India by the name of “Incredible India Bed and Breakfast”. In this scheme the owner of the property receives and welcomes the tourist to his home. All the owners of Bed and Breakfasts or home stays are carefully chosen and are well qualified and well informed about their culture and traditions. The owner or the host interacts with the tourist and gives him knowledge about the city, give suggestions on moving around in and around the city.

The Idea transforms the experience of the tourist from a harried to a person of calm composure, who enjoys every moment of his stay and eventually becomes the part of the family. One’s apprehensions about safety, hygienic conditions especially food and water is all alienated. You never really feel out of home as you just start loving the people around you, and indulge in day to day affairs of the household, you get mesmerized by their rich culture and traditions and cuisine. At the end of the trip, you just become one of them.

The Bed and Breakfast doles out as an excellent, easy on the pocket option for many travelers who would want to avoid highly luxurious cost of a highly luxurious hotel. It’s a win – win situation. Isn’t it ?


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