April 19, 2019


If you believe the Liberals, hashtag ‘BlockNarendraModi‘ is trending. If you believe some tabloids then ‘BlockModi campaign’ has rankled BJP. And if you are brainwashed enough to believe their anti-BJP rant , then their Campaign is a thumping success .

Whatever the claims and counter claims, one thing that clearly emerges from the campaign is the hypocrisy of Liberals. They claim that they are champions of Free Speech but they are the ones who are hell-bent on gagging the Prime Minister of India.

The champions of Free speech and Freedom of Expression don’t feel the need to practice what they preach because they think that they are the sole and absolute owners of FoS & FoE and hence demand that all others remain tongue-tied while they wag theirs at will.

The temerity of their actions has intensified , the toxicity of their venom has reached lethal levels and the viscousness of their attacks has increased manifold and in the days to come their guerilla tactics will intensify further and will reach a crescendo , because elections are around the corner.

Their desperation has peaked , it’s a do-or-die situation for all the anti-BJP forces who have to somehow claw back into reckoning urgently.

Big time scams give big time ammunition to the opposition to train their guns on the Government, but with non forthcoming from the Modi Sarkar , the Opposition is forced to latch-on to non-issues and hope that the non-issues become serious issues that can damage Modi’s re-election bid.

These emasculated nincompoops in the opposition and their cronies in the Media and social platforms don’t have the strength to swim against the tide but their balderdash is so loud that they sound as if they can swim in a Tsunami.

End word:

‘Grassroots’ – this word is very relevant in the Opposition domain today but the word remains ignominiously ignored. The opposition instead of focusing on rebuilding their support base, continue to believe in the politics of appeasement to bring them back to power.

“People who look towards the skies for a ‘Ray of Hope’ without a honest heart can only beget a bolt of lightning straight down the heart “.

Hope the Opposition realises that the bolt of lightning is waiting to happen in the year 2019 .


PS : for god’s sake pl don’t block me , I am like the opposition , few ‘likes’, fewer ‘Retweets’ and very few ‘Followers’ . ??

Picture Credit: DNA India


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