May 24, 2019

Bluffmaster and His Art of Curation

When a speech meant for causing earthquake across political spectrum turns out as a Self-Goal, you know that the art of curation has failed. RaGa rehashed Prashant Bhushan’s petition information regarding Sahara-Birla files and it turned out to be a damp squib. Supreme Court has dismissed the documents submitted by Bhushan regarding the case and asked for substantial evidence. PB is yet to furnish them. Sahara-Birla files saga is going to meet the same fate as Jain Hawala Diaries .

The high decibel mud slinging is aimed at upcoming elections. There is hardly any substantial proof. As far as AugustaWestland scam is concerned, the recent developments are meant to put Congress’s aggression in check. No one in defence scam has been prosecuted till date. Augusta Westland might break that jinx. There is an alarming need to increase the pace of investigation in National Herald and Saradha Chit fund scam so that clamor coming from Congress and TMC becomes non existent.

The man who has set high benchmark in honesty,Kejriwal, has demanded that PM should step down so that probe in Sahar Birla files could continue without undue influence. I demand that Kejriwal should step from Delhi CM post so that excellence could be driven in movie review industry. There is too much pressure on movie reviewers as movies are churned out every month in large numbers. Kejriwal could contribute and help fellow movie critics. Taran Adarsh, you could heave a sigh of relief if Yugpurush joins movie review fraternity in full capacity. Even a “Chalchitra Swaraj” may not be a bad idea. Yugpurush could start “The Ration Card Movies” as the production house. There is no dearth of talent in the party. Be it dramatics, comedy or promiscuity. The Ration Card Movies should start with adventurism of Somnath Bharti.

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