May 19, 2019

Bold Move that Shook the Corrupt

Demonetisation is a deeply thought out move by the Government.

True, the common man would be inconvenienced in the short run but in the long run it’s a brilliant move. The planning actually started two years ago when the Jan Dhan Yojna was introduced to ensure that poor people have bank accounts opened. Then the Government went behind the jewellers. Also the government introduced the tax amnesty Voluntary disclosure scheme where one can pay 45% tax on undisclosed income without any questions asked. Now when people hoarding big money go to deposit huge amounts they would have had it. Penalty cum prosecutions. Its a brilliant move by the Modi Government. Time will actually tell the massive impact. Therefore, after two years of the Government, one can join the dots in Modi’s planning and realize that demonetization was planned two years ago. Moreover the confidentiality maintained is amazing.

We need to see the bigger picture. Price correction in Realty sector is a given where the black element was anywhere between 20 to 40 pc. Education sector too would benefit. Fake currency and terror funding would be controlled and of course black money would be majorly under control.

The Government didn’t give us enough time because the black money hoarders would have had time to manipulate. Hence the sudden announcement at around 9 pm and declaring that the 500 and 1000 notes are no more valid.

And now the PM has hinted that he would go behind the benami property deals by asking for their KYC documents. Lot of more surprises in store, I am sure. Let it keep coming.

There would be people who would crib about the inconvenience. And the people with big black money are the big time cribbers. But majority of the common man realize the effort of the Government and are actually very supportive. We have a sporting public no doubt. There would be people with different views but then we have different views in all topics. At the end of the day if the nation benefits, all is well. Again we may have some news that the Government may have given some favoured parties an heads up….may be… may be not …after all we are humans…We need to see the end result and the end result is going to be phenomenally good.

PM Modi seems to be a man possessed who has found his true soul calling and who wants to make a huge impact on the country. While he may be a single man living alone, he gets all the universal energy from the people when he gives those hair raising speeches. Let’s try and support this movement.

Picture Credit: DNA

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