April 23, 2019

Book review of ‘Mann Ki Baat’

I opened the book, the smell of freshly minted book – with its printer ink, crackling unread pages – devoured my senses, taking me down nostalgia trails – bringing back the anticipation of opening a new book.

Wait! Is that not what Mann Ki Baat does? Takes us back to the romance of the radio – the crackle and connect of sound waves that made up a part of our growing years.

Mann Ki Baat book, Authored by BlueKraft Digital Foundation and published by LexisNexis is an excellent attempt at chronicling the speeches, and the disruption of traditional accepted communication means by reviving a nearly dead medium of Radio.

The book starts with a message from Shinzo Abe, Japanese PM. The book is in 2 parts – the first part deals with the interesting background and events that led to launch of Mann Ki Baat on 3rd Oct. 2014 and delved into its journey. Very interesting insights are given, interesting episodes like the Barak Obama -Modi joint Radio talk described in detail.

Where the book scores is with the evaluation of the institution of Mann Ki Baat – how the back room functions, the structured base of the Mann Ki Baat. It explains why and how a PM, whose dominance of visual media was his strong point, took to an obscure sound media – how he bought it back to life and how it has disrupted the present communication system.

The Book highlights the non political positive aspect of Mann Ki Baat – in the author’s words  ‘Mann ki Baat’  brings out the goodness and strength of society’.

Mann ki Baat book brings out how the voice of citizen fashions each episode and the structures set up to enable the same.

Part 2 of the book Chronicles 23 Mann ki Baat episodes starting from 3 Oct inaugural speech to August 2016. It is a must read for all citizens. It needs to be there in every library and is a very good Gifting option.

Footnote – Mann Ki Baat was launched in Mumbai on 28th July, in Raj Bhavan. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an invite for the launch. The launch was a reflection of the spirit behind Mann ki Baat – the average citizen was given equal prominence as the famous, celebrated, powerful citizens. The launch was graced by CM Maharashtra Shri Devendra Phadnavis, Governor of Maharashtra Shri VS Rao and Energy Minister Shri Piyush Goel. Excellent speeches were delivered – giving the audience a glimpse into the ‘Mann ki Baat’ of our leaders. Many celebrities like Anu Malik, Pallavi Joshi, SBI’s Arundhati, ICICI’s Chandra Kochar, MPs, MLAs etc were present and all mixed around. The invitees were treated to a white gloved High tea, A photo booth, a board to pen down thoughts regarding Mann ki Baat and a complimentary copy of Mann ki Baat.

To conclude – In every Episode PM Modi names ordinary citizens and establishes a connect of the unknown citizens  with the whole    Nation.

The Mann ki Baat book launch was a similar experience for me – an ordinary citizen bridged the Gap and entered Raj Bhavan as a guest -Connect of the governed with the governing.


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