April 19, 2019

Brand Building of SECULARISM

The fight to win a loosing battle by News Traders and arm chair activists is not for the desire to service the society or their masters but a last attempt to get their favourite political party to power and in turn save their assets, power and fake identity.

From selling Terrorism has no religion to son of poor Head Master, News Traders have not changed a bit. Some death are secular some are not. Some outrage are patriotic and some are not. Some greetings and yelling are music to ears and rest are communal.

This will continue and gain momentum as we get near to 2019.

There is a pattern observed in making hero out of a villain. We saw how the genuine driver of the tourism bus in Amarnath was ignored and one hero driver was presented to the nation. Now we have Dr. Mohd Kafil Khan. HAIL SECULARISM.

These hero are created much faster then two minutes noodles.

Bio Data of Dr. Mohd. Kafil Khan and his work experience is shared in detail by Advocate Prashant P Umrao on his Twitter page.  Trust this is good enough of Carbondioxide for the news traders to suffocate.

These are same news traders who had no problem with Akhilesh Yadav government recording crime under SLL instead of IPC. No matter how you see NCRB data, it was fudging of crime record in UP during SP rule.

Senior police officers were put  on duty to hunt down a lost buffalo of Azam Khan. So many riots were played down as they were secular in nature. None asked for his resignation. Muzzafnagar riots is a case to remember. Instead of naming and arresting the muslim boys who were harassing the girl, family of the girl had to go through hardships. Exodus of Hindus in Kairana too had a silent burial by News Traders. Years of sheltering the goons by SP government has made some senior officers from old regime well networked with government department, contractors. They need to be identified by Yogi government and taken to task legally.

Neither SP, BSP, Congress nor News Traders are happy with the grass root level work, clubbed with innovative work of Yogi. He was supposed to be a Pujari according to some and goon by others. His no nonsense attitude has created a lot of discomfort. He spends more time in official work than Akhilesh.

He is connected to roots and has been proactive in his approach. But grand old party whose VP claims to create Earthquake if he speaks, has in fact created a serious tragedy. Check this link from LSTV

Mapanna Mallikarjun Kharge can be seen talking about BUSINESS. Now is the time to ask him who is responsible for the deaths?

Every life is precious. Why there was no outrage earlier? 

  • 2012 – 557 deaths
  • 2013 – 650 deaths
  • 2014 – 525 deaths
  • 2015 – 491 deaths
  • 2016 – 641 deaths due 2 Encephalitis

Where are Human Right activists? Well I am asking a damn damn stupid question. They wake up only if it suits their agenda.

Today our PM has once again given an excellent speech and has shown concern on good health. Would request readers to join me in raising concern. We don’t need 125 crores just a few crores requesting the PM, HM and BJP CMs will be good enough.

  • Take legal action against the congress leaders who obstructed Yogi in Lok Sabha from speaking on Encephalitis.
  • Take legal action against news traders for printing, airing misleading news and fake news.
  • Take legal action against news traders who make HERO out of criminal and anti national element.
  • Editors guild wakes up only to protect fake secularism. Why have it?

Nation can progress only if law abiding citizens are allowed to practice DEMOCRACY. Nation can never progress with citizens who consistently misuse DEMOCRACY for personal agenda and paint law abiding citizens as third grade citizens. For 2019 Election Manifesto the first point that BJP should put,  should be Legal Action against NEWS TRADERS. In the interim they can start legal action if they wish.

A small survey is a pointer in this direction.

Brand building of Secularism has to be stopped as this is forced on us under 42nd Amendment. I am happy despite the serious problem, majority still have faith in law of the land. Time to cut Oxygen to News Traders and their well wishers.

Credits: Twitter, LSTV, Screenshots from social media and @srirambjp   and  @ippatel


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