May 24, 2019

Brand Modi – India to US

If your business is not a brand than it’s a commodity………… Donald Trump

Lot of effort goes into making a brand. Then extension of Brand and Brand Equity. When an individual like  Dhirubhaai Ambani, Ratan Tata, Chanda Kochar, Cyrus Mistry, NaMo, etc are discussed than it is purely about what value they have created consistently over the years to the share holders and nation.

No matter what the competition may say, consumers would go purely by the value a Brand creates. Advertisements and telling lies with straight face have no shelf life.


For business brands perceived value is important. But for politicians it is their deliverable or the ideology.


While addressing Indians Donald Trump said “Abki Baar Trump Sarkar”. Clearly his campaign manager explained him the meaning.

Right from Satyamev Jayatey Aamir Khan to all the News Traders and of course the famous 65 MPs did sign and wrote to US government to decline VISA to MODI. What happened?

We all know.

Over the years I have learned one thing US is no different from India when it comes to exchanging dirty linen in public.


One thing the News Traders in India and US forget that citizens can’t be fooled. Yeh public hai sab jaanti hai….

We have news traders and politicians who did not go to riot affected town as they were too far but they were camping in US to see Hillary taking oath. I am like ROFL

We are not fools. We know the power of Unity. If we can make Pantanjali a leading brand we can also make a brand turn into a commodity.

Arnab  Goswami may be in high spirit. It is always good to be late than never. He understood the pulse of the nation and delivered at the right time. Some are still living in feudal era. They feel they can dictate term. Dude we are not slaves. A brand is a slave of it’s customers.

Time to enjoy benefits of two great Brands created by the masses despite best effort from News Traders to put them down.



Credit: Screenshots from Twitter and WhatsApp.


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